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Banana Girl Diet Challenge & how I lost 40lbs on BGD

Posted on July 19th

I don’t really have time to write this as I’m meant to be ‘bum up, head down’ finishing my latest ebook before Aug 1st! I decided to find the time to write about this topic because I know it’s on the the minds of many budding banana girls out there.  Before I get into it I wanted to let you know about a new private group I started for ladies only. It’s going to be an ongoing 30 day raw challenge. We have about 500 members already joined just today so if you want to be a banana girl then join us here!

One question I get a lot on this lifestyle is “WHY aren’t I losing weight fast enough???” or “Why have I put on a couple of lbs?!!”.

I have some insights, I will try not to get off track…


Everyone is different and we all have come from vastly different backgrounds. Most, if not all women I know have come from a calorie-restrictive lifestyle of some sort. From low carb to no calories at all. Many have come from backgrounds of quite serious disordered eating like myself, with anorexia and bulimia. I was also taking recreational drugs and medication for my ‘bad stomach’ which I know intuitively did significant damage. So when I came to this lifestyle I was in a bad way both mentally and physically. TOTALLY out of a balance and had a terrible relationship with food. There is a reason why most people treat food like the enemy, because what most people eat IS hurting them, not nourishing them. Well folks this is the REAL DEAL, there is no need to deprive yourself of fruit because it will not hurt you, it will help heal you BUT *only* if you give it a proper chance to do so.


It’s important to remember – what goes up, must come down. If we try to cut corners and cheat with quick fix’s then we will be a first class sucker for the diet industry FOREVER. If we restrict, restrict, restrict or binge, restrict, binge, purge etc then we WILL pay it back EVERY time later down the track. The body in its infinite wisdom is trying it’s best in every moment to reach homeostasis, but we just continue to fight this with our trendy deprivation diets, pills, potions, shakes etc. Obviously this is NOT the smart sustainable way to become a fit, lean, healthy banana girl for life or else we wouldn’t see most of the population unhealthy and overweight.


Although I mainly started the lifestyle to heal my digestion and skin, my weight was also important. When I started this lilfestyle I expected it to work like any other fad diet I had tried in the past (where you lose water weight quickly on the scales from carb restriction). Well it didn’t happen like that. My weight fluctuated a lot, went up and down for the first couple of years. Yes COUPLE of years. (Remember this may not happen to you as we are all different). Even though my weight wasn’t exactly where  I wanted it, during this time I experienced SUCH profound improvements in my self esteem, skin, digestion, vitality that I KNEW I was on the right track. The only thing that challenged me was my weight, and at one pathetic point I wanted to give up, because the number on the scales did not meet my expectations.


After having anorexia, mentally I was NOT happy continuing to carry this extra weight but I sucked it up, stuck with it and decided *I don’t CARE about my weight*. Who freakin cares??! I would tell myself. It doesn’t make me a bad person if I’m carrying extra weight, it just means – right now my body needs to carry this extra water, to dilute the toxins it is eliminating while it heals. And that I am just carrying extra muffin tops of fun that are waiting to be tapped into! I looked to all the long termers in this movement and noticed they all had one thing in common, they were LEAN BEANS. This gave me hope and helped me shift my focus from yawnsome to awesome.


As I released attachment to the number on the scales ironically my weight gradually came down, slowly yes but I know it’s now FOREVER. How do I know it’s forever? Well I just know. I know never say never, well I’m going to say it ;-P I have instilled such positive lifestyle changes over the years that actually add JOY to my life that I know I will never drop them, they are now engrained within me for life. I naturally move towards them now whenever I feel I’m straying in the wrong direction. It’s called positive programming! My weight has come down 40lbs in the last 5.5years. Would I rather it had come down that much in the first 5months? Looking back no, I wouldn’t, because it taught me to get REAL PURPOSE in my life and to stop worrying about something SO trivial to my existence….and this was MY much-needed lesson.


If you are stuck in this weight-obsessed mentality then I suggest you get a life. Yes that means get REAL purpose in your life. Stop putting your emotions into what you don’t want “OMG I gained 3lbs!!” Stop frustrating your friends, partner, co-workers, whoever it is with your superficial concerns and FIND YOUR PASSION girls. Find what floats your boat in life and channel all your frustration into that, turn that negative energy into a positive and make it work for you, instead of against you. Focus on getting fitter and healthier (which is abundant thinking) rather than on weight loss (which is deprivation mentality). Go and kick your own arse in a running race, EVEN if you just walk it make sure you PUSH IT, push through that barrier of bullshit that is holding you back from being your best self. This is when you will finally begin to forge the REAL you. And once you reshape the mind you can reshape the body.

Keep it sweet & juicy

The banana Girl

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