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Don’t be a Candida-Feeder!!!!!

Posted on October 26th

Melon Munching!Activity : 40kms Biking

Eats: 5kg half melon ( in pics), 6 big mangoes, 600mls of DateOrade, 3kg oranges, salad of mango,tom,date zuchinni.

It started off a little brrrr this morning but warmed up quite nicely, we spent breakfast in the carpark of the local Fruit shop (dining in style).

DR & I shocked passers by with the size of our meals – 5kg melon halves each! Some giggled, some looked over nervously & powerwalked past , but most smiled ear to ear & called out funny comments like ‘boy you’ll be on the toilet for the rest of the day after that!!’….I guess i could’ve called back ‘ Better than going once a week eh?’…I wouldn’t say that (DR might) but Im imagining that’s their reality.

So I was thinking about Candida today & how I easily overcame my imbalance within 5 days….I searched for a cure to my candida woes for YEARS! Most of the advice was to cut out all forms of sugar ,ofcourse including fruit…I remember feeling so sad when I was told fruit had to go :( I knew in my heart tho that we wouldn’t be separated for very long.

I followed the metabolic typing diet for a while (approx 1 month), usually i would give a diet a longer go than this but I felt as though I was going to die! For my fast oxidizer ‘metabolic-type’  I was recommended to eat a high protein, high saturated fat diet!! Aaaarrgh man that’s crazy! But i was desperate at the time so I was willing to try anything….My breakfast was fried livers in lard or full fat butter, nuts for a snack, roast chicken for lunch…( I used to eat a whole one,(oh thank god im 3yrs vegan now) & for dinner more protein like lamb chops & some overcooked sloppy vegies..

random shots - good to see this is directed at the mainstream

I became very depressed, very quickly from eating this way….saturated fats clogging my arteries, denatured proteins eating away at my calcium reserves, uric acid burning a whole in my stomach, low carbohydrate stores causing me to question my sanity! Aaaarghh it had to stop! I would go a couple of days without eating fruit then just go crazy & binge on bucketloads of sugar – chocolate,cakes,breads,pasta’s,thai food,lollies….all carbohydrate-dense foods – a sign the brain is searching for a hit, searching for fuel desperately, because without a steady clean source of glucose to the brain, we will start to go crazy…Im not suprised that anti-depressants are so popular – we have a starving population that isn’t making the brain runs on sugar connection…we are conditioned to think a pill is more valuable than fruit.

Candida is not our enemy, candida is vital to our survival.  This little microbe helps regulate our blood sugar levels, its normal for everyone to have it in their bloodstreams at certain levels…its when Candida ‘mushrooms’ out of control…then we have a problem. Candida microbes only survive a short period of time, just days at most.

When our pancreas is overworked by a high fat diet then our adrenal glands come to the aid of the pancreas… when the adrenals are stressed beyond their ability the candida microbes comes to the rescue & eat up the excess blood sugar – excess sugar in the blood can be life-threatening…  The candida saves our life! Hooray for the candida microbe!

The Adrenal Glands…
Most of us eat excessive amounts of fat and live such an adrenaline-junkie lifestyle that we are constantly overworking our adrenal glands. When adrenaline is released it creates a surge of insulin resulting in the sugars in the bloodstream being made more available to the cells, hence the super human efforts we see when peeps get an ‘adrenaline rush’.

Whenever there is high fat foods consumed the adrenal glands have to produce more adrenaline… why? Because excessive fat hinders the transport & delivery of the sugar to the cells. When our poor adrenal glands are stressed again & again by high fat intake, without getting time to recover, like anything they become overworked & tired & the result is adrenal fatigue/chronic fatigue syndrome/candida overgrowth/diabetes/hyper&hypoglycemia.

So candida is our friend & if we remove the cause of it mushrooming out of control then we won’t have a problem.  So what to do?… Adhere to proper food-combining and remove the excess fat from your bloodstream, keep the percentage of fat calories you consume below 10% over the course of the year and life will be sweet! Read ‘The 80-10-10 Diet’ by Dr Doug Graham and take your health to the next level.

Just as it has worked for me & everyone else – A low fat raw vegan lifestyle will address your candida imbalance -so u will no longer be a candida-feeder!! For several days I ate a diet of bananas only & within 5days my candida was happy again & today it remains so.

DR is giving a talk tomorrow night on Candida & Fatloss, I might say a few words, if u are in SA come along, more details here..

LoVeFrEelEe X

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