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Freelee on banana island…

Posted on November 14th


7km hilly jog this morning, 20kms on the bike.
About 4kg’s oranges, 600gms of dates and a kilo of tomatoes

Today I’m going to talk about my trip to banana island…

My trip to banana island actually started off with 7 days of only melons then I switched to bananas for another 10days or so. Followed by melon and banana mono meals for another 5days and finally adding in lettuce and celery for the remaining days. In all it was a 30day adventure. I have since visited banana island 2 more times.


Ahh sweet juicy goodness!

What on earth motivated me to eat only bananas for several days?!?!
The idea slapped me in the face at my first rawfood picnic in Nov 06….
There was a beauty-full glowing lady at the raw picnic who was only eating mangoes and as I stuffed in my raw samosa’s and chocolate balls I quizzed her on what I thought was an unusual mango obsession. She explained that she was having a consult with Dr Doug Graham, author of the revolutionary health book ‘The 80-10-10 Diet’ and that she was only eating mangoes for two weeks! Well this just blew me away, I had never heard of such a thing!.. but this lady was obviously doing something right because she was glowing!

After the picnic I was feeling mega-inspired but I must say pain was my biggest motivator... I was suffering from bad candida outbreaks in the form of acne, also blurred vision, UTI’s, cracked mouth corners and severe digestive distress. I had already received minor improvements in these areas due to recently cutting out all animal products and grains but still I was suffering. Just the week before I had visited a Gastroenterologist regarding my digestive ‘condition’, he charged me about $250 for 15mins and after an endoscopy told me I had ‘inflamation of the gut’ but not to worry because there was a new drug hitting the market soon from the US that would ‘fix it up’…you can imagine my disappointment at this ‘diagnosis’.


4kg orange lunch

As soon as I could I booked a consult with Dr Doug and got started. I had access to a lot of rockmelons/cantaloupes so I decided to start on them. Within a couple of days I was feeling great, within a week I was feeling amazing! I was finding it challenging to get enough calories from just melons so I switched to bananas and then the magic really began…

My mild but persistent acne (that I had for years) started to dissolve, within the month my was skin cleared up completely (except a little scarring on my shoulders and face). Within the first week my digestion was perfect and odourless. I was free of my systemic candida imbalance and could finally focus on my tasks clearly for hours on end. Myy urinary tract infections and cracked mouth corners miraculously went! But was it a miracle?

Not really, it’s just the body doing its thing. When we finally get out of the bodies way by following our biologically designed diet and lifestyle then our true healthy self begins to emerge. Our bodies are self-healing organisms that are constantly cleaning up after us. When in a state of dis-ease, most people do not realize they have brought it upon themselves by their poor diet and lifestyle.

Why eat only one fruit for several days?
It is a very ‘freeing’ experience for the bodymind. The nerve energy that would’ve once gone to digesting heavy foods and complicated combinations can now head towards the appropriate areas of need within the body, healing them at rapid speed. Digestion is the most energy-demanding task the body has to perform, ofcourse how much energy goes to your digestive system depends on many factors, the biggest being what you eat. Fruit is the ideal food, you can read all about the goodness of fruit here.

My Results…
This is part of an email I sent to Dr Doug at the end of our consult in Feb 07
* I have experienced more energy than ever in my life this past month
* My skin hasn’t been this clear since I was 10
* The whites of my eyes are actually white!
* My skin is sooo smooth!
* My body looks better than it ever has
* My digestion has improved out of site
* Stomach is almost washboard!!
* I’m more drawn to the sun these days and I love it!
* My nails are stronger

Things to consider before visiting mono-fruit island (MFI) paradise:

* How you are going to eat after MFI? – if you go back to unhealthy eating habits, all your old symptoms will return.
* Being stable on a high carb raw vegan lifestyle before going on mono-fruit island will increase your chances of long term raw success because generally what people eat before the island will be what they eat after the island.
* I don’t advise you visit MFI for weightloss reasons because if you go back to your old way of living that caused the weight-gain then the fat will return, a sustainable HCRV plan is needed.
* Make sure you always have ripe fruit or else you will get ravenous and eat whatever is closest.
* Ensure you go to cronometer.com and work out how many calories you are eating. For females aim for a MINIMUM of 2500 cals a day and males 3000.
* Keep your water intake up (3litres +), make sure your pee is always clear, this will ensure optimal results from your trip to the island.
* Start a challenge with your raw friends, get a group together and support eachother throughout your stay.
* During your trip away on banana island educate yourself on basic physiology and make sure you are reading ‘ The 80-10-10 Diet‘ because this lifestyle should be the goal for when you come off the island (that’s if you want to continue feeling vital) or at least a high carb cooked vegan diet.
* Avoid telling mainstream folks about your holiday to the island until it’s over, others opinions may negatively impact your determination.
* Plan your trip in detail before starting, write a list of your goals for going to MFI, this will give your subconscious mind a clear objective goal to work towards, visualise how amazing you are going to feel, see yourself all happy and healthy in your ‘mind’s eye’.
* Factor in daily exercise, earn your meal but listen to your body if you need rest, take time out whenever needed.
* Prioritise nude sunbaking, this will speed up elimination and also sooth your soul.

Typical ‘conditions’ that the body is able to overcome (or BEGIN to) on fruit island..

* Chronic fatigue/Adrenal fatigue
* Acne/skin problems
* Blood sugar conditions such as diabetes and candida
* Depression/mental disharmony
* Hormonal disturbances
* Weight problems (although focusing on this is not recommended and you may not lose too much weight)
* Digestive conditions
* Sinus and mucus problems
* Eating Disorders
& many more…

More about banana island here…

My personal mono-island adventures…

* 12 days on mangoes
* 10 days on bananas
* 30 days on mono meals of mango and watermelon only
* 8days on melons
* 5 or more days on banana smoothies (banana, celery and water)

Don’t forget to go FRUIT yourself today folks!



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