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Paleo Vs Plant Foods

Hey sugar monkey! Ever since I heard about the Paleo movement I’ve been asking the question…WHY are so many paleo and primal diet promoters overweight? They claim to have the […]

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Meat-eater excuses DEBUNKED!

Your excuses for eating animals is really pathetic. Do me a favor eh? And stop trying to justify your blood-thirsty ways. Thanks love and kisses. Category: People & BlogsUploaded by: […]

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I LOVE animals & LOVE to EAT them too! #2

Educate yourself my website and book http://www.30bananasaday.com It’s not possible to LOVE an animal and eat it at the same time. Who the hell eats their friends?! Category: People & […]

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Freelee: I’m a judgmental vegan bitch! #1

Educate yourself – my website and ebook http://www.30bananasaday.com If you get pissed off by the truth in this video, if you feel judged, then its a GOOD time to ask […]

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