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In today’s video I compare diet and lifestyles of tops models CANDICE SWANEPOEL and RENEE SOMERFIELD. Who is the better role model for the younger generation? You decide. Follow Renee […]

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Rob Kardashian 100lb weight gain. Steroids? Hair falling out, his break up

Why has Rob Kardashian packed on the weight? Was it due to taking steroids? His break up to Rita Ora? Or junk food? I discuss it in today’s video. Robert […]

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30 Celebrity Videos in 30 Days?? What is YOUR list?

If this video gets to 5000 likes I will take on the challenge! After much request I am considering doing 30 Celebrity videos in 30 days but I need your […]

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Why I Unfollowed Freelee the Banana Girl

Freelee the banana girl is such a terrible person. Freelee is a hater. This is why I unfollowed Freelee the banana girl. She is a bad person. Freelee is bad […]

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