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my naked lunchbox. how i saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by quitting beauty duty

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I hear it a lot "you are so lucky to be living the life of your dreams! I wish i could do that..." the truth is you really can. It's not about luck; it's about the daily choices we make. At one point in my life, i really struggled, and was living below the poverty line. I was in debt and unsure of my future. A generous friend bought me a car for $700, where i sometimes slept. I would live in a tent on another friends property to save money. I began housesitting because i couldn't pay the rent. I used the library's free internet because i didn't have my own. I chose not to have kids which cost around 250k to raise. I gave up alcohol 12 years ago. I worked hard to create an income online. I now save hundreds of thousands of dollars by not buying makeup, shavers, beauty treatments, jewellery, heels, and unnecessary fashion. My vegan diet is far cheaper than my old sad diet, it also keeps me healthy and away from expensive pharmaceuticals. We all make decisions in life based on our priorities, and as a result, create our reality …are your daily decisions bringing you closer to freedom, or further away?

I show you how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in my new ebook My Naked Lunchbox. Take a read and change your life forever. 

Stay free.

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