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Lauren's words about the Go Fruit Yourself eBook lifestyle

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I hope I am not causing undue work for the person reading this, however, I do not have social media to attempt to contact Freelee and this was the only option on my table! I have been a raw vegan and then found the absolute bliss in a fruit diet. There is nothing anyone could sell me on--my experience on fruit tells all. It is my natural diet, I know this. It has not come without challenges, of course. There has been recent spirals into cooked vegan food and I remain grateful for the "falls" because it straightens how addicting food can be and how good fruit makes me feel. I will not and cannot touch animal products because I love them so much. I feel extremely connected to animals and all life and I know you do as well. I have followed you for 9 years on Youtube when I was 17 and I still see you with so much love! You have your way of spreading the message and it works. I've also seen how much you've grown spiritually since first viewing you as this has changed me. You not only have stuck with your message for so long, but you've also grown as a human SO much... Whatever you are doing works.
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Zoey's words after reading My Naked Lunchbox eBook

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Freelee, I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you so much for making me think. Thank you for helping me see my own beauty and for questioning society and challenging their beliefs and actions. I have a lot of gratitude in my heart for you and I would like to explain more but it's not coming out right now. I'm sorry. You are really inspiring though and I am VERY appreciative to have found you on my explore page.
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Maria's chronic ibs journy and the Raw Till 4 Diet

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Hi freely I am sure you are all well, hope you don't mind me writing to you, I recently recovered from chronic ibs and so many other symptoms which a specialist could not help at, I done a deep cleansing and literally done raw till 4 and have a cooked meal for comfort, lots of juicing, high in fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs and spices plus the wild, it was hard at beginning but I love it and wouldn't change it.
I would love to do a course to help people like me, so I been doing my research and that is how I found you, where I identify with you and your diet but would like to know which course you done into the nutrition bit to get you where you are confident where you are? It's just all the courses I look are crap
I hope you don't mind asking you that
Many thanks
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Ellen's fight from darkness to LIFE :D

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Hey Freelee

I hope you will read this message and that it will warm your heart, knowing how much your work and videos mean.

10 years ago i started to convert to vegan. Back then there were no fake meats and only soy milk in special stores. 
Almost from the start, your videos inspired me incredibly and I were watching them almost daily, soaking up your education and living something like raw-4 for a long time. I was a hard vore vegan as some might say , haha

Quite some years ago I got involved in a very abusive relationship which unfortunately (like in many cases) lasted way to many years, and drained me spiritually.

After years I finally managed to leave it, but by then I was already so spiritually drained and even deficient of carbs (when thinking back at it) that I started to include some vegetarian foods like pizza, just to have some kind of food.

More and more of the dairy products got into my diet and less and less fruits.

It was now one year almost exact since I left the abuse, and since then I have been extremely depressed, trying to heal the open wounds of my spirit.

On new years eve of 2022 i prayed to the anscetoral Gods of mine, (Odin, Thor & Freya) to please take me out if this misery of life once and for all, if they didnt want to make my life better. 

I was to scared to take my own life but could not bare another minute of my misery.
Since then, my life has changed completely. 

I have somehow miraculasly removed my attraction to toxic men, quit my long addiction to alcohol, weed (and drugs), started working out!

and yesterday something reminded me to watch how you are doing on Youtube once again, and after that i finally made the descition to go back to vegan and the high amount of fruit intake that I used to in my good years.

I am finally strong enough to live like im supposed to. And it is YOU who I thank, again and again throughout these 10 years, in terms of food, encouragement , education 

This is who I am and who I want to be - proud of being!

I have always loved animals,  and during that time I knew i wasnt giving a shit about them when eating their dairy as vegetarian.

I just wanted to clarify when you say sometimes "you were never vegan" I sure was vegan, but when one becomes that spiritually weakened,  ones not only basic life standards but whole life goes away.

However in a true vegan case, one will always go back to veganism and a high carb diet. 
That is what I proudly have now. I have my life back, so also my standards.

Thank you Freelee , I love you very much

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Chanel's transformation and experience

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Freelee testimony
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