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The Raw Till 4 Diet, My Naked Lunchbox and Go Fruit Yourself now available on Amazon!

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  • 2nd edition, new eBook design and layout
  • 32 New High Carb Raw Food Recipes
  • New Unique images from Freelee's Raw Food journey
  • General content revision
  • Raw Food Weight Loss
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Freelee reacts to Dietitian Abbey Sharp's review of Healthy Crazy Cool

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Freelee reacts to Dietitian Abbey Sharp's review of Youtuber HealthyCrazyCool.

Dietitian Abbey Sharp made a video critiquing Miles from HealthyCrazyCool, here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCvvljvsRjI

Freelee calls Abbey Sharp out after she deliberately removed all the fruit meals from Miles' video review. Miles from HealthyCrazyCool even called this out himself in a live he posted on Instagram, however, goes on to leave a sucky disappointing comment (which he later regretted). Freelee is grossed out by Abbey's lack of ovaries. i.e how much she brown noses Miles with flattery and fakery to fit her meaty agenda rather than be honest and authentic. Watch Freelee's video below:

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No, protein is not the most satiating macro. Science links below: 

Protein intake and lack of satiety (over carbs): Raben et al. (2003) found no difference in hunger suppression or subsequent energy intake after isocaloric meals of either 32% or 12% protein. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12499328/

Bligh et al. (2015) found no effect on satiety of adding fish and almonds to a plant-based paleo meal, even though protein content from the meal rose from a paltry 16 grams to 41 grams: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25661189

Giezenaar et al. (2017) found that consuming a whey protein shake before a buffet didn’t reduce unrestricted (‘ad libitum’) energy intake at all: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28747330

Blatt et al. (2011) found that 5 different preload meals ranging from 10% to 30% protein, which were manipulated to look and taste the same, had the same effect on appetite and unrestricted energy intake: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21272705

Wiessing et al. (2015)found that a whey protein shake was no more effective at suppressing energy intake in the next meal than sugar water, regardless of protein content (high vs. low): https://www.nature.com/articles/ejcn2015107

A 2013 meta-analysis confirmed that there is no relation between the protein content and the appetite suppression of meals. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3873760/


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Daily Mail Article on Freelee regarding COVID-19 video removed from YouTube.

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This is the full interview from the Daily Mail article regarding Freelee's COVID-19 video removed from YouTube. The Daily Mail somewhat misrepresented Freelee and she wants to share the full interview for clarity and transparency. 


Hi Freelee,

Thanks for getting back to me.

My deadlines are pretty tight so the toilet paper story was published yesterday evening, but I watched the video you linked and I’d love to ask you some questions about that if you have a minute today.

I’m specifically interested in your food supply and the new world order you spoke about near the end.

Apologies if some of the questions below are too personal – I’m trying to get an image of how you live, and how others could expect to replicate the lifestyle.

Q. Where do you live and how much land do you have? How much did you pay for it?

I live in North Queensland, Australia. We have a couple of acres where we are establishing an epic food forest. We paid less than the average unit or house price in Brisbane. 

Rural land is very cheap compared to urban and attainable for most people. 

Q. How much food do you grow, what are you growing, and how long will it last?

We have planted hundreds of different fruit trees like mango, durian, mangosteen and jackfruit to name a few common ones. These trees bear fruit at different times during the year which means an all-year-round supply of fruit. We also have a wide variety of leafy greens and root vegetables that are well-suited to our environment. We store very little food in the freezer or cupboard as we harvest on demand and any time of the year we can harvest foods such as cassava and bananas to satisfy our needs. Once it's mature this system will sustain us for the rest of our lives.

Q. Do you buy food from the supermarket at all?

We avoid going to do the supermarket and prefer local farmers markets instead. We could survive on what grows in the food forest but we also like to buy food that might not be in season or we simply have none to harvest at the time. Some foods are not suitable to grow here such as dates so we do buy them. We also trade produce with local farms. Our long term goal is to live off the land. 

Q. How much do you spend on groceries per month?

The amount we spend on groceries varies as some preferred fruit is seasonal and we are only in the early stages of establishing a food forest. At the present time, we are only eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds so we only buy that. We are saving around $150-$200 per week compared to when we were living in the city, without a food forest.  

Q. Do you think this way of living is achievable for everyone?

Yes. Our ancestors did and a large percentage of the world's population already lives off-the-land in rural areas.  

Q. How would people who work a traditional 9-5 job, for example, achieve this?

Planting trees gives exponential return so even a couple of hours of work a week will reduce food costs in the future and increase food security for any family By planting trees etc you create valuable assets for the future, obviously, we cannot eat money and food prices in Australia are ridiculously high already. The question is; Why are people still on the 9-5 slave grind? I gave that up over 17 years ago. If people stop buying so many useless products and paying crazy rent prices then they can also save money and buy land themselves.

Q. Can you explain the new world order a bit? What do you foresee happening? How can people avoid the repercussions you mentioned?

The New World Order is a system of global government where a small group of non-elected people (elitists, bankers, corporations) write the rules and give the orders.

The United Nations and the WHO, for example, are some organisations that influence policy-making in countries worldwide where they are NOT elected by the people, this is obviously a problem. 

If we, the people, don't act soon, we will be heading for the following: cashless society, social credit system, unjustified restriction of movement, unnecessary surveillance, food scarcity, the elimination of small and medium businesses. People must go vegan, move off-grid, establish a food forest and educate themselves on law and history.

Q. Why wouldn’t you get the COVID-19 vaccine if there was one?

I will not be taking any vaccines because according to the US senate vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" and have serious side effects. I will not willingly inject a toxic substance into my body.

My high fruit vegan diet and off-grid lifestyle is keeping me perfectly healthy and strong. 

Q. Why did YouTube delete the video?

The video was removed from youtube after reaching about 46,367 views because it was deemed "inappropriate content".  The thing is, there are still many other videos on youtube with millions of views that were far more "controversial" than my video so it makes no sense and is unfair that my video was removed. 

Here is the original video link: https://youtu.be/61DESqSLJPs

Please share the re-uploaded video in your article: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8enLZzgQMkQS/

Thank you :) Can you please link back to my youtube channel in the article thanks: https://www.youtube.com/freeleethebananagirl

I also have a new channel you may be interested in where I call out snake-oil supplement-pushing YouTubers. 



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my naked lucnhbox by freelee. bodyhair is Natural fuckboi repellent

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Although it's seldom, i still feel the pressure to conform in society, to shave my legs and underarms, to paint my face and look a certain way to others. This western self-obsession is a powerful dis-ease to shake. Some days i strut confidently, other days i pick at my insecurities, but everyday i move forward with strong purpose. I sometimes see that look of disgust from certain others at my hairy armpits and legs but i always remind myself - that person is NOT part of my tribe. Would i really want to spend my valuable time with someone who feels that way? About body hair? A person who thinks i'm disgusting as my natural self? Heck no! They can go fuck themselves. Free women remember, your body hair is a gift, it's protective and part of your being, but maybe best of all it's also a powerful natural fuckboi repellent.

Learn to love your bodyhair, yes including your leg hair in my new ebook My Naked Lunchbox. Take a read and change your life forever. 

Stay free.

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My naked lunchbox by freelee. How to not give a fuck what others think

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Never stop climbing higher in life. Never let anyone hold you back. Not family, friends, partners, ex-partners, strangers... No one. Some people will find you too extreme, too passionate, too spicy, too...you. Some people will hate the way you think, speak, feel, look; those are not your people.

Fuck them.

Stop chasing fake acceptance and adoration from others, and proudly strut to the beat of your own drum. Have the ovaries to stand up and rebel against the system, no matter whose toes you stand on. Be bold and unapologetically you. Your tribe will answer.

Learn how to not give a fuck in my new ebook My Naked Lunchbox. Take a read and change your life forever. 

Stay free.

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