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My naked lunchbox by freelee. Radfem truths

Posted by Freelee BananaGirl on

This sick society continues to slice women up into lips, tits and asses. I look around social media and see the results everywhere. What happened to us?? Overarched belfies (butt selfies) everywhere with barely a normal lip left in the 'beauty' community. Permanently pumped lips and oversized asses are becoming the norm. Are we humans or horses?...even teens are now graded on how culturally fuckable they are instead of who they are as a person and what they can achieve. Women as young as 16 are then mutilating their bodies to fit a narrow unattainable definition of what it means to be sexy. Something i also did to my 21 yr old body. Media then programs men to fetishise these alien body parts. Scuze the french, but what a fucking mess. What's next surgically removing ones pinky toe to fit into fashionable high heels?? Actually yes, that's already a thing....♀we must normalise H U M A N again.

I speak about this and so much more in my new book: My Naked Lunchbox. Take a read and change your life forever. 

Stay free.

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