eBooks and bundle prices will increase 9/12/2022

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Prices of all eBooks and bundles to increase on the 9th of December 2022.

Due to increasing inflation in Australia we have decided to raise the price of all products with 7%.

Due to Inflation we pay more for food, fuel and services then last year and in order to be able to afford them in the quantities wee need in order to keep providing you with new eBooks and Free content on YouTube and Instagram we have decided to increase the price to march the current inflation rate in Australia. 

Some business use "Shrinkflation" in order to minimize the impact of inflation. Shrinkflation is when the amount of product is reduced but price maintained in order to make it look like the product has the same value as before. Food producers usually fill less in the same package and as customers are accustomed to a product they don't read the label every time. And thus makes an un-informed decision buy not realizing the reduced amount of carrots in the bag for example.
We believe Shrinkflation is deceptive and condemn it.

More info regarding the inflation rate in Australia https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/oct/26/australias-inflation-rate-hits-73-the-highest-in-since-1990-heaping-pressure-on-households

More info about inflation in general:

More info about shrinkflation in general:

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