Sugar does NOT rot your teeth

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Sugar does not ROT your teeth.

Sugar does NOT rot your teeth. Sugar is NOT acidic. You heard it here first. Sucrose or table sugar is actually neutral on the PH scale meaning it is neither acidic nor alkaline. So, it will not dissolve your teeth. The popular theory pushed is that a bacteria eats the sugar in your mouth and produces lactic acid that dissolves teeth. Apparently, this acid negatively shifts pH in the mouth, however, lactic acid is a weak acid which can be easily neutralised by the saliva. Moreover, science shows the presence of this bacteria is not always associated with cavities and that lactic acid is a familiar natural byproduct of the body.



My personal insight: Sucrose (table sugar) is simply made up of a single pure fructose molecule and a single pure glucose molecule. These molecules are the bodies most important fuel sources. The body craves these molecules and requires them to sustain life therefore it is illogical that they would also simultaneously destroy part of our body...

More inconsistencies with sucrose rotting teeth:

SOLO SUGAR: No one is JUST eating sugar alone. It is always eaten with other foods and substances. Studies are done on “beverages & foods containing added sugar”. People eat sugar along with a whole bunch of other additives. Tests are done on foods or fizzy beverages WITH added sugar. This distorts test results and makes them unreliable.

SODAS: Low PH sodas contain strong acids. Phosphoric acid in particular which is PH 1.5 (much lower than lactic acid) and is highly corrosive to teeth. Research at the University of Michigan looked at the damage done to teeth by Coke and Diet Coke. The findings showed that after 14 days’ exposure to teeth, the Diet version had done MORE damage to tooth enamel than the standard sugar-filled version. If sucrose/sugar damages teeth then shouldn’t removing the sugar make the soda LESS damaging? Well, no, because the opposite is true. When sugar is removed more damage is done. So, obviously the sugar in soda is not the culprit here. It’s the abundance of acids and other additives. Straight sucrose is also absorbed largely in the mouth and rapidly. It doesn’t “stick around” in your teeth with the soda.

Below is tooth enamel being stripped away by ACIDS (not sugar) in soda.

FOOD ACIDS: So what other macros are people ingesting WITH their Sugar? Fat and protein of course. What are fat and protein? Fatty ACIDS and amino ACIDS. It’s in the name. These can, and do, lower the PH in the mouth. They are acidic by nature. Think animal products here. Sugar is implicated incorrectly as it is consumed WITH these acids. Remember, sugar is NEUTRAL by itself.

OBESITY AND ACID MOUTH. Numerous studies confirm obese individuals have a much higher risk of cavities. Studies also show obese people eat LESS sugar/carbs (yes! less) and much more fatty ACIDS than healthy-weighted individuals. Again, fatty ACIDS. This is a similar case to diabetes; just because people TASTE the sugar they think that is what is causing the problem when in fact, it is excess FAT. The mouth PH becomes more acidic as a result of the overconsumption of fatty acids and amino acids.

Some relevant research below:

● MOUTH MICROBIOME: Other factors affecting teeth health is the mouth microbiome. Many factors impact oral health and PH including your microbiome. Those with an unhealthy/compromised microbiome environment have more cavities/risk of cavities VS a healthy microbiome mouth. If you smoke, drink alcohol, coffee, teas, sodas, and eat animal products, have mercury or BPA white fillings then your microbiome will be negatively impacted and mouth generally more acidic.

How can you minimise your risk of tooth decay?

Keep a neutral PH as much as possible.

Most importantly! Be mindful when eating ACIDIC FOODS and DRINKS. Consume a low acid fruit-based diet filled with alkaline foods.

● Don’t suck on lemons and limes!
● Avoid what I call “ACID MOUTH” by not drinking sodas with high levels of added acids.
● Be mindful of consuming vinegar products.
● Stop smoking cigarettes.
● Stop eating a diet high in acid load; fat and protein dominant.
● Eat lots of fresh fruits and don’t avoid refined sugar. Go for organic sugar where possible for ethical reasons.
● Swirl your mouth after eating (particularly high acid foods) with water diluted bicarb soda to increase mouth PH. Dissolve a teaspoon of bicarb soda with a 1/4 cup of water. Swish for 1 min.
● If you are bulimic or vomit excessively then be aware you WILL erode your enamel (from my ED past I lost 2 whole teeth this way).
● Remove excess fat and protein from diet so sugar can freely enter the cell. The combination with sugar doesn’t work optimally in the body.
● The pH of saliva decreases the risk of tooth decay and other gum infections. You can test your PH.
● Stay hydrated and avoid being a “mouth breather”.
● You can chew special gum to increase saliva production and avoid dry mouth.
● Floss the teeth you want to keep. Obviously leaving food sitting in your mouth is not great.
● Realise medications you take can increase the acidity in your mouth and lead to cavities.
● Be aware that any fillings including the white composite ones can disrupt mouth

PH and microbiome. They are sitting in your mouth 24/7 and the white ones contain BPA.

For those of you who don’t know, the sugar molecules (glucose and fructose) that are refined from cane sugar and beets are actually identical to the sugar molecules found in fruit. The body cannot tell the difference and that’s great! As a result the sugar processes just as cleanly and efficiently. Obviously fruit is ALWAYS Queen but sugar crystals are a crucial

component of that fruit and is also very nourishing for you. We don’t live in a fruit paradise yet where amazing fruit is abundant all year round so sweetening your food with sugar crystals is often necessary, enjoyable, and safe.

So, the take home here is that sugar does not rot or dissolve your teeth! For me, the agenda is clear... demonise what is actually beneficial to health (fruits, sugar, carbs in general) in order to keep people fat, sick and compliant.

Love, freelee.

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