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I'm sitting here eating sugar apples and a very old memory is triggered. As a youngster i had a routine of listening to my mum and dad talking in bed at night. They didn’t know i did and usually it was very calming for me. Not this night. I overheard my dad say that he thought it was weird that i didn’t have many friends, and that i wasn’t normal. I remember gasping and trying to hold back the tears. I already felt like an outcast in school. Now my dad, who was the centre of my universe even thought i was strange.

I felt like i had disappointed him and that he didn’t love me so i went about trying to make friends. I was very introverted and this felt unnatural to me. I only liked minimal company. Needless to say the plan failed. I repeated the pattern a thousand times more until one day i realised hang on.... This is who i am. Being a weirdo is my speciality! 🤙please don’t ever be afraid to be different, be afraid to be like everyone else. You are a limited edition. So welcome my fellow weirdos, you will fit right in here.

I talk about this and so much more in my new ebook My Naked Lunchbox. Take a read and change your life forever. 

Stay free.

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  • This really got to me. I was always a weirdo. Since the day I was born basically. I was very extroverted as a young child, but around the time I started first grade I started to become really withdrawn and introverted and stayed that way. I was lucky enough to have parents who were kind of weird themselves and encouraged me to be weird and silly…as long as it was their kind of weird. I recently went vegan, thanks in part to you, Freelee, and apparently that’s a little too weird for them. I feel a lot more isolated from them now, which is difficult when your parents are basically your only friends.

    Thanks for doing your thing, Freelee. It is really inspiring.

    Sydney on
  • Hear this kind of thing from your closest family can hurt. My father used to tell me that I’m fat I still am insecure about it. even now when I’m slimmest and healthiest in whole family thanks to my fruit diet :) Thank you Freelee keep inspiring people I always use you as example :)

    Anonymous on
  • I have read a lot of opposition about you, but I had to come see your page and make my own opinion instead of allow others to shape my own. I do believe that there is a higher purpose to veganism and it is our way as humans to connect with mother earth, and express gratitude for eating a diet that is loving and kind. Currently I am only a vegetarian, but I also eat a lot of vegan meals too. I became a vegetarian in my teens, and my family thought I was crazy too. My family has not always been loving or supportive of my differences either. I never felt I was good enough for them. The greatest part about recently turning 30 is that for years I have been working up the courage to simply find my peace and happiness from within, deprogramming from all of the world’s justifications of what makes a succesful human. We have to unplug from the machine to find sanity. The kicker is that the machine lies to us attempting to lure us back into its oppressive confinement of society’s version of normal. If we were taught as children to live with our own natural ideas of health, and longevity, it would be easier for adults to get back to basics.

    I think a lot of adults have been brainwashed to believe certain unhealthy diets and lifestyles are normal thanks to falsified reports by big pharma, the suppression and ridicule of natural medicine, and we have been told that certain things are good for us for so long, to come out and admit otherwise is something a lot of the world is not ready to accept.

    Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe in and encouraging others to do the same.

    Peace and Love!

    Kitty on
  • Ahh! I just left a comment on your most recent blog post and than swiped down to look at others and saw this one and it further affirmed that you are my long lost soul sister! I found your YouTube videos about a week ago and just today saw this, your website. And am so glad I found it! I don’t even know you but what I’ve read and seen on your YouTube channel, I love you sister! Lol your probably like, this chick🤦‍♀️
    If no one told you your awesome yet today, your awesome!

    Anna s on

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