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Duration 7 Days

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Are you a female who finds herself trapped in an endless cycle of binging and starving?

Feeling the constant discomfort of a bloated belly? Needing to lose a lot of weight? Desperate to heal from chronic illness? Now is your chance to make Freelee a part of your daily life and be held accountable. For a limited time, Freelee is offering one-on-one consulting via Instagram.

  • Please visit this page COACHING WITH FREELEE for a very detailed description of what is included in the coaching. 

Get expert help to overcome obesity and binge eating via private consultations with Freelee, a fruit-based nutritionist. Elevate your health and well-being with the daily attention of a world-class coach. Benefit from decades of research and experience to help you develop a plan that works. A revolutionary plan that doesn't include the traditional calorie-restriction model. Freelee uses her unique "binge on carbs" program.

These consultations offer a unique opportunity to gain specialized access to Freelee, with tailored audio responses daily. As a specialist in assisting women over 200lbs, she can provide guidance on topics such as binge eating disorder, bloating, gut health, and permanent fat loss.

Spots are limited.
7, 14 and 30 days. Please select the right duration for you.

What's included: 

  • Please visit this page COACHING WITH FREELEE for a very detailed description of what is included in the coaching. 
  • Please be aware that the consultation period does not automatically start when the purchase is made. Once you have decided when to commence the consultation, Freelee will check her diary to ensure availability. The consultation will run consecutively for the full duration once it has begun. To initiate the consultation period, please refer to the document supplied after purchasing.

The consultation is non-refundable. No partial refund or return.

Customer Reviews

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Best decision of my life

In 1 week I’ve gone from 120 hemoglobin to 134, for me that’s incredible.
I gained a HUGE amount of life energy. Even my parents don’t recognize me on the phone anymore.
I’ve UNDERSTOOD my binge and I’m ready for the rest of my life, even if there will still be some from time to time.
Thank you so much Freelee for everything you do.
You truly saved my life.
I haven’t had the time to tell you everything, but I was even on full parenteral nutrition (TPN) for years (fed directly into my blood via a port-a-cath connected to my heart), and it’s only thanks to you that I managed to get through it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And I hope to be able to take 1 week’s coaching with you from time to time to stay on track.

I healed more in 1 week than in several years of hospitalization and medical follow-up.

100000% recommend

A Wealth of Wisdom!

I spent a week coaching with Freelee and we covered a wide range of topics. I was impressed with her ability to combine science with real-world experience in her responses to my questions; that's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for! Real human, honest, high integrity, capable of nuance. Freelee's got a lot of experience under her belt as far as fruit-based nutrition goes, as well as other topics like off-grid living and being a social influencer. Overall, just really, really impressed. Thank you for coaching me Freelee! :)

Niti Arora
I made so much progress! : )

I loved my coaching experience with Freelee! We all need teachers and guides in life and this was a great investment for me. I have watched Freelee’s videos for years, she was once of the influencers who inspired me to stay vegan all these years. But I could not stick to a high fruit diet. For instance, I would not give up my morning tea for anything! But during this past month, I have been eating do tremendously clean, I can’t believe it~

Also a month was a good duration for me, I am also considering signing up again in the winter time! So I stay consistent. I am leaving the month feeling confident that I can sustain this lifestyle. I am eating way more fruit and less fat, I am off caffeine, junk foods and I have no cravings for those things either! Which seems impossible, right!?

During your time on coaching, you can expect daily check-ins, tips and advice from Freelee. We spoke about everything from food, supplements, exercise and even the best times to wake up and going to sleep. You will have a complete assessment of your habits with daily accountability, which was great because I always thought - “I need to send Freelee photo’s of what I am eating”… Initially that really really helps because it helps you cut out all the not so healthy options out of your diet.

And lastly, the most important bit — you can tell by her messages & check-ins that really cares and wants to genuinely help people. Having someone invested in you like that really makes a big psychological shift in you to do better as-well. My plan right now is to stay consistent on this diet long term, and hopefully do a progress check-in or more coaching with freelee in a few months :)

Lily Duffy
Private Coaching

I had the best time with freelee, I have learned so much from her, I was hesitant at first, but honestly, you can't put a price on your health and feeling good. It was so nice, having her there by my side, every questioned answered, I can't thank her enough. Best purchase I have made.

Juliana McCants
Freelee Ain't Playin! This Way Of Eating Is The Answer To Health And Weightloss!

I am thrilled to be working 1:1 with Freelee to get my health in order. Freelee is the real deal. She leaves her ego at the door and only brings a pure heart to the table. Her knowledge of using food as medicine is unparalleled. I will never need another weightloss gimmick. She is super easy to talk with and understands the struggle because she has been there herself! Working with Freelee is an investment you will never regret!