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The Most Controversial Cookbook ever Written!

-I don’t want to live in this ‘ world’ anymore... a world where shopping at the mall for useless shit is more popular than growing your own food. A world where women are born ugly and must be enhanced with makeup, painful fashion, ‘beauty’ treatments, and mutilating surgeries. A world where it’s normal to use and abuse other animals. A world where 9 businessmen own half the global wealth. No, i don’t need to know who trump is threatening this week on twitter, or the gruesome details of the latest school shooting. I’m not interested in who won dancing with the stars or who flopped on american idol. I couldn’t care less about justin bieber’s sexy selfie or taylor swift’s latest squeeze… so. much. noise. What the heck happened to us?! The truth, it seems, has been smothered by the lovely kim k’s ass.

Welcome sister, i wrote this book for hungry women, starving for change. women who not only crave tasty, nutritious food but also have a ravenous appetite to be their true self.

Inside you will find delicious ‘naked’ lunchboxes. Naked in the sense that they are free of chemical additives, junk food, and animal products that cause sickness in your body. It’s no accident that you have picked up this book. You are ready to hear the truth. If (like me) you are sick and tired of being force-fed the patriarchy’s poison and bullied into ‘beauty’ duty then this is the book for you.

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What is Included in My Naked Lunchbox by Freelee:

    12 Day Unfuckyourlife Guide (12 Chapters)
    60+ Vegan Lunchbox Recipe Images
    12 Complete Vegan Lunchbox Recipes
    My Personal Life Stories

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    The ebook contains 242 pages and is in the PDF format.
    ISBN: 1092770453

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Irma Hernandez
    I love this book!

    My Naked Lunchbox is so raw and open, Freelee really puts herself out there. It is also absolutely true and it is a truth that all women need to hear/read. Our Western society is so f**ked up on what women are expected to be or look like. We grow up thinking Barbie is the look we need to go for, and spend our lives trying to be dolls to please men. I love that Freelee challenges that concept. The recipes are wonderful too. I like that there are pictures of the various steps. Thank you Freelee for this inspiring book. I look forward to your next one.

    Jessica Brewer

    First off, the pizza recipe is SO good (I don't use the oil and it turns out amazinggg).

    This is a great transition book. One of the things I enjoy the most is the "be unapologetically you in every way" aspect.

    Seriously worth the buy, don't be scared and check this out!

    Best book ever

    If you want to find happiness as woman, invest those money on yourself and read it carefully. Thank you Freelee for keeping your journey to bring true information to all women all around the world!


    My Naked Lunchbox has really helped me embrace my natural self. I'm so glad I bought it- I wish every woman I know could read it.

    emma harris