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Freelee is revolutionary*****

I have had many coaches over the years and have continued to struggle to lose weight on a fruit-based diet and to maintain the lifestyle, and within one week, Freelee turned that all around for me - one week!! I’m feeling satiated at the end of the day, and now I see how it’s possible to maintain this lifestyle, and I’m so excited for my healthy future and to reach my goal weight. Thank you, Freelee, for your guidance and support!! I’m forever grateful. You truly are the answer to my prayers.


I bought two books from freelee and it’s the best buy I’ve done book wise! Refreshing with someone who’s speaking the truth. She’s really good at mixing facts with her own experience.

The Raw Till 4 Diet
Veens Deebs
Feeling Great!!!

I bought this ebook because my gut was inflamed, bloated and sore. Started the meal plans a week ago and I am feeling great already! I am amazed. I have lost 2kg, my gut is no longer inflamed, bloated or sore and I don't feel hungry all the time. I am keen to continue with this lifestyle.

Life changing

I feel like I’m being reprogrammed mind, body, and soul. I’m learning how to take time slow down feed my body the proper foods so it can have enough energy for my busy and stressful work days. Coaching with freelee is teaching me to take care of myself first so I can be the best for my partner, family, buisness, and friends.

Very informative!

I loved my 7 days on this program it taught me a lot on how to nurture my body and exactly what foods to reach for. I’m so thankful for the tools given to me and I can’t wait to keep implementing them in my life. Such an awesome coach 💕

Best deal out there

I received the complete bundle, and just by reading the beginning already the information is stellar and worth every dollar! You can really tell Freelee took time in the creation of each book, and that alone is worth every dollar!

Freelee's 7 Day Consult

I thoroughly enjoyed my 7 day consultation with Freelee and I thought she was incredibly reasonable with her recommendations. I was never hungry, I was always satisfied, and I lost 4 pounds eating more! No calorie restriction, no suffering. I can't recommend this enough, if you're on the fence about doing this-just do it. You'll be happy you did and I'm happy I did too.



I’ve been looking for this forever!

This is something I have been wanting to have a ages but never seen anything like it on the market. I am loving adding my recipes to it every time we try something new and love. No need to have links open on my devices or big documents I have to scroll through trying to find what I’m after. Thank you for creating it! Love it!

Incredible wealth of information. It is changing my life. Thank you!

Great info. I appreciate all of the hard to find information that is assembled in this book. Thanks.

Thank you Freelee!

Freelee is such an eye-opening person. I’m so thankful for her!💜

The Raw Till 4 Diet
Jayme Schrader

This lifestyle is life changing ❤️ so thankful for this way of life. Eating low fat is game changing!! Thank you freelee im forever in debt to you

Go Fruit Yourself

Great book by Freelee. I like how she gave her thoughts now in the second edition after having learned from mistakes she’s made over the years.

The Raw Till 4 Diet
Christina Sutton
The Best!

This E Book is the best and I would order every E Book from her. She really breaks it down and I definitely recommend it.

Very insightful and helpful book!

Very well written and to the point! I have been struggling being consistent on a raw lifestyle and this book really helped me understand why. Im confident I have the tools to turn things around and form new habits.

Llénate De Frutas eBook
Vai se encher de frutas

Não li, ainda...

Awesome Book!

I love this book. The recipes are yummy, and the advice is heart warming and educative. I learned a lot, and Im enjoying this way of eating. I dont think I will ever go back. My husband thinks Im crazy for getting all these bananas, and people at the store just stare 😳🤣 its great, its really great. I LOVE BANANAS, and I dont care what people think. This is awesome! That's it, it's official I've become a banana girl🤭.

Easy to read

Easy to read and the meals are quite easy to make. The rawto4 way of life is quite easy to follow and works well for energy and weight loss.

The Raw Till 4 Diet
Darcy Erwin
Great book

Good information. Freelee is very real and down to earth.

Go Fruit Yourself eBook

Go Fruit Yourself eBook
Andrea Stolper
Absolutely with every penny (euro)!!!

I got so much more then I thought I would with this book! So informative, helpful and inspiring!!!

I love all these books

I love all these books and are very into that lifestyle. I’m a vegan for over 10 years now and definitely longing to go further with my health. This is the perfect way for me, thank you Freelee!! All the best from Switzerland!!

Amazing Set!!!!

In true Banana Girl form, these books are filled with information and research. Love all the pictures as well. Been following raw till 4 for a couple months now and the following has already happened: my constant hunger has subsided and I can actually make it meal to meal without wanting to even snack and my stomach upsets went away after the first month. I'm sleeping better and have energy ALL day long with no caffeine anymore!!!! A surprise is my skin has become incredibly soft and the best chronic pain has gone AWAY!!!!! I had several car accidents in my youth (none my fault) and yet they left me with constant lower back pain. In the past year I also began experiencing joint pain in both of my arms. Both my back and joint pain have disappeared after only 2 months on this diet. I wasn't expecting that at all but it's amazing!!!!! I just wanted to be a bit healthier and lose a little weight but all the extra perks are awesome!!!! I will be making updates as I do drop the weight but I definitely recommend Freelee and her books 100%.

The Raw Till 4 Diet
Addison Nagel
Raw Till 4

Wonderful tips for starting a plant-based diet with ease. I absolutely love how Freelee shares her personal experiences to help so many women like myself with weight and body image issues that can be completely reversed with this lifestyle.