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Quick response tailored to my lifestyle

As someone who works a corporate job, I find it hard to live HCLF vegan while working. Freelee has made this much easier with a program tailored specifically to me. This includes lots of options to eat out.
I always want to start something quickly, so was happily surprised when Freelee let me know I’d have it soon and in less than 2 days it came through. In the plan there is a section after each meal suggestion to explain why the meal would work for me, how it will get me to achieve my goals, and what to substitute.
Not only that, but being able to click to the recipes helped to navigate around - so I could see the whole day easily and recipes after.
I’d recommend this to anyone struggling to adjust this program to their lifestyle (like me), and/or those that need to understand more about how to get the most out of HCLF Vegan.

Excellent E-Book!

Hi Freelee, I am really enjoying making recipes from your e-book. I have made the sushi sandwiches and tonite I am making the Hasselback potatoes. This book was highly recommended to me by my health coach for weight loss as well. Recipes are delicious! Thank you!

worth every penny

freelee put a lot of work and personalized details into my meal plan to help it work for me. she has a lot of amazing recipes and i am so excited to try them all! definitely get this meal plan. i feel a lot more confident about what i should be eating now and besides the meal plan freelee is very kind, genuine and extremely helpful. she took the time to explain more to me than just what to eat and when.

Best decision of my life

In 1 week I’ve gone from 120 hemoglobin to 134, for me that’s incredible.
I gained a HUGE amount of life energy. Even my parents don’t recognize me on the phone anymore.
I’ve UNDERSTOOD my binge and I’m ready for the rest of my life, even if there will still be some from time to time.
Thank you so much Freelee for everything you do.
You truly saved my life.
I haven’t had the time to tell you everything, but I was even on full parenteral nutrition (TPN) for years (fed directly into my blood via a port-a-cath connected to my heart), and it’s only thanks to you that I managed to get through it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And I hope to be able to take 1 week’s coaching with you from time to time to stay on track.

I healed more in 1 week than in several years of hospitalization and medical follow-up.

100000% recommend

Freelee changed my LIFE!

At the beginning of this journey, I was a sluggish, tired, 25-year-old 364 pound man with chronic pain and a high heart rate. After just TWO weeks of coaching with Freelee, I have lost 10 pounds, I have more energy than EVER, my knee pain is completely gone, my heart rate has come down drastically (thus decreasing my chance of a heart attack), my bowel movements are healthy, and I have an overall new-found love and appreciation for life (and fruit!). Without this coaching session, I would’ve never changed. Now, I’m changed forever. If you’re thinking about purchasing a coaching session with Freelee, DO IT! You won’t regret it!

My Naked Lunchbox ebook
Irma Hernandez
I love this book!

My Naked Lunchbox is so raw and open, Freelee really puts herself out there. It is also absolutely true and it is a truth that all women need to hear/read. Our Western society is so f**ked up on what women are expected to be or look like. We grow up thinking Barbie is the look we need to go for, and spend our lives trying to be dolls to please men. I love that Freelee challenges that concept. The recipes are wonderful too. I like that there are pictures of the various steps. Thank you Freelee for this inspiring book. I look forward to your next one.

A Wealth of Wisdom!

I spent a week coaching with Freelee and we covered a wide range of topics. I was impressed with her ability to combine science with real-world experience in her responses to my questions; that's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for! Real human, honest, high integrity, capable of nuance. Freelee's got a lot of experience under her belt as far as fruit-based nutrition goes, as well as other topics like off-grid living and being a social influencer. Overall, just really, really impressed. Thank you for coaching me Freelee! :)

I made so much progress! : )

I loved my coaching experience with Freelee! We all need teachers and guides in life and this was a great investment for me. I have watched Freelee’s videos for years, she was once of the influencers who inspired me to stay vegan all these years. But I could not stick to a high fruit diet. For instance, I would not give up my morning tea for anything! But during this past month, I have been eating do tremendously clean, I can’t believe it~

Also a month was a good duration for me, I am also considering signing up again in the winter time! So I stay consistent. I am leaving the month feeling confident that I can sustain this lifestyle. I am eating way more fruit and less fat, I am off caffeine, junk foods and I have no cravings for those things either! Which seems impossible, right!?

During your time on coaching, you can expect daily check-ins, tips and advice from Freelee. We spoke about everything from food, supplements, exercise and even the best times to wake up and going to sleep. You will have a complete assessment of your habits with daily accountability, which was great because I always thought - “I need to send Freelee photo’s of what I am eating”… Initially that really really helps because it helps you cut out all the not so healthy options out of your diet.

And lastly, the most important bit — you can tell by her messages & check-ins that really cares and wants to genuinely help people. Having someone invested in you like that really makes a big psychological shift in you to do better as-well. My plan right now is to stay consistent on this diet long term, and hopefully do a progress check-in or more coaching with freelee in a few months :)

Private Coaching

I had the best time with freelee, I have learned so much from her, I was hesitant at first, but honestly, you can't put a price on your health and feeling good. It was so nice, having her there by my side, every questioned answered, I can't thank her enough. Best purchase I have made.

Love it!

Been following Freelee for ages both on YouTube and Instagram and just love her content and message SO much! The RAw Till 4 eBook met and exceeded my expectations by far. ❤️ thank you Freelee for sharing such valuable knowledge. I’ve been eating this way for 8+ years now but wanted a couple of new Raw Till 4 recipes. Delicious recipes and superior information 👍🙏🙌👏

Meal plan

The 7 day meal plan I got was very good and I’m so excited to start! Freelee really consider what you like and do the meal plan so it would fit you as much as possible and she answer on email so fast!

Freelee Ain't Playin! This Way Of Eating Is The Answer To Health And Weightloss!

I am thrilled to be working 1:1 with Freelee to get my health in order. Freelee is the real deal. She leaves her ego at the door and only brings a pure heart to the table. Her knowledge of using food as medicine is unparalleled. I will never need another weightloss gimmick. She is super easy to talk with and understands the struggle because she has been there herself! Working with Freelee is an investment you will never regret!

28 days with Freelee is lifechanging*****

Bananas and carbs have taken on new meaning for me. I’m so grateful for the healing power of bananas. My digestion, my daily habits, and my banana stash is on point. My motivation is stronger because I finally understand what eating enough means! Freelee’s support and guidance has been invaluable. Highly recommend!

Love it!!!

10 pounds in 10 days. My body is responding so well to this lifestyle

7 Day Private Consulting

Freelee provide a lot of knowledge and guidance during the 7 days. I feel amazing and healthier. I will continue on using Freelee's advice, and continue to stay on a healthy track. Thank you so much Freelee.

Freelee is revolutionary*****

I have had many coaches over the years and have continued to struggle to lose weight on a fruit-based diet and to maintain the lifestyle, and within one week, Freelee turned that all around for me - one week!! I’m feeling satiated at the end of the day, and now I see how it’s possible to maintain this lifestyle, and I’m so excited for my healthy future and to reach my goal weight. Thank you, Freelee, for your guidance and support!! I’m forever grateful. You truly are the answer to my prayers.


I bought two books from freelee and it’s the best buy I’ve done book wise! Refreshing with someone who’s speaking the truth. She’s really good at mixing facts with her own experience.

Feeling Great!!!

I bought this ebook because my gut was inflamed, bloated and sore. Started the meal plans a week ago and I am feeling great already! I am amazed. I have lost 2kg, my gut is no longer inflamed, bloated or sore and I don't feel hungry all the time. I am keen to continue with this lifestyle.

Life changing

I feel like I’m being reprogrammed mind, body, and soul. I’m learning how to take time slow down feed my body the proper foods so it can have enough energy for my busy and stressful work days. Coaching with freelee is teaching me to take care of myself first so I can be the best for my partner, family, buisness, and friends.

Very informative!

I loved my 7 days on this program it taught me a lot on how to nurture my body and exactly what foods to reach for. I’m so thankful for the tools given to me and I can’t wait to keep implementing them in my life. Such an awesome coach 💕

Best deal out there

I received the complete bundle, and just by reading the beginning already the information is stellar and worth every dollar! You can really tell Freelee took time in the creation of each book, and that alone is worth every dollar!

Freelee's 7 Day Consult

I thoroughly enjoyed my 7 day consultation with Freelee and I thought she was incredibly reasonable with her recommendations. I was never hungry, I was always satisfied, and I lost 4 pounds eating more! No calorie restriction, no suffering. I can't recommend this enough, if you're on the fence about doing this-just do it. You'll be happy you did and I'm happy I did too.



I’ve been looking for this forever!

This is something I have been wanting to have a ages but never seen anything like it on the market. I am loving adding my recipes to it every time we try something new and love. No need to have links open on my devices or big documents I have to scroll through trying to find what I’m after. Thank you for creating it! Love it!

Incredible wealth of information. It is changing my life. Thank you!