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Two of Freelee's popular ebooks in one bundle, vegan raw food diet recipes and high carb vegan diet plan. This is a good bundle for someone new to the lifestyle promoted by Freelee.

This is a digital product.

This ebook bundle includes:
The Raw Till 4 Diet
Go Fruit Yourself

  • The Raw Till 4 Diet
  • 30 Day RT4 Meal Plan & Food Diary
  • 30 Day Shopping list
  • Weight Loss Exercise guide
  • 55 Recipes with Pictures
  • More Then 150 Color Pictures
  • Raw Till 4 Lifestyle Guidelines
  • My story and chapters about issues I overcame

  • Go Fruit Yourself
  • The Original weight Loss Guide
  • 14 Day Raw Meal Planner
  • Raw Food Nutrition Information
  • Chapters about how I got glowing skin, hair and eyes.
  • 32 Raw Food Recipes
    Instant download of two PDF files inside a ZIP file.
    The latest edition of all ebooks.
    No paper copies included.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Feeling Amazing

    Hey FreeLee,
    I bought the ebooks because I needed help. I‘ve done so many different diets. None of it works. I was always binging and felt sad and tired. In December I started to ear more fruits, so I got more energy and started to run. For me was it like a new live, because I had my whole live problems with my knees and feet. At new years eve I‘ve done my first run about 5 km. It was amazing. I thought I could run faster with more exercise but i didn’t made it. Last week I decided finally to buy your ebooks. Since Monday I started rawtill4 and it’s soooo good. In the morning I drink a big Smoothie (1,2Liters) with Bananas. Quite hard to drink it. But I love it and i feel sooo good. Till the afternoon I eat Apples, Grapes, Kiwis and other fruit. In the evening I eat rice or potatoes. I‘ve got more energy and I am happier. At work I feel so relaxed and satisfied. Never felt this before. My weight is the same. But my digestion is so much better. Yesterday I‘d run 15,77km in 2h. That is my record. And I sleep like a baby.
    Thank you so much
    I am happy to change my live :-)

    Moa Ni

    I bought two books from freelee and it’s the best buy I’ve done book wise! Refreshing with someone who’s speaking the truth. She’s really good at mixing facts with her own experience.

    Melanie Brenneis

    Incredible wealth of information. It is changing my life. Thank you!

    Elaina Dodson
    Life changing

    Taught me not to count calories, just eat fruit! Do it!

    Margaret Squire
    Great information

    I’ve been following Freelee for some time now. I finally decided to jump in and go for the Fruit yourself lifestyle. Her book is very informative and helpful. Highly recommended