What is the Raw Till 4 Diet?

What is the Raw Till 4 Diet? 

The Raw Till 4 Diet is not just a diet but a high carb vegan lifestyle. Sure, you will effortlessly lose weight long term from the delicious meal plans included but it is NOT just a bikini diet for summer. On Raw Till 4 not only do you get to eat unlimited calories (this!) but you also receive a full lifestyle overhaul, because it includes more than just what you eat. Raw Till 4 includes all the ways we choose to live our lives: diet, exercise, rest, sleep, mental attitude, ethics, etc. With a change towards true health comes true healing, and that is going to include more than just physical changes: it’s going to include emotional and mental changes as well. And naturally all those changes will be gradual, not overnight. You gotta be patient girls!

Most girls who start living a Raw Till 4 lifestyle find that they begin to see themselves quite differently, with more self-love, more happiness, less self-criticism. They begin to see others differently as well, to see the world differently. Most girls also begin to make ethical connections they had never really considered before, especially those who embrace veganism fully. All these things make the Raw till 4 diet a full lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you have to change who you are, what you do for a living, your friends or family, but for most girls the change WILL go beyond just diet. So, what we put in our body is certainly one of the most important aspects of health, but there are many other things to consider as well. Health is wholistic. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit.

Here is an example day of eating on the Raw Till 4 Diet:


  1. Only plant foods are allowed on this program. No animal products, no exceptions.
  2. Raw fruits & greens (mainly fruits) should only be eaten until 4pm (or 2 hours prior to dinner time), then a high carb cooked dinner of high starch plant foods. For best results stick to no cooked food during the day at least 95% of the time.
  3. 800+ calories from fruit for breakfast and 800+ from fruit for lunch is recommended for success, then a high carb cooked dinner of 500+ calories. Girls aim for minimum 2100 calories per day, 2400 calories per day to really thrive. Anything below 2100 calories daily is considered a famine by the World Health Organization which of course I will not ethically recommend.
  4. Try to keep fat intake consistently below 10% and carbohydrate intake consistently above 80%. You can work this out easily by punching your numbers in www.cronometer.com
  5. Stay hydrated! You should pee about 8-12 times per day, and your urine should be clear. Drink 1 litre of water when you wake up in the morning, and 1 litre of water about 30 minutes before each meal for optimal results.
  6. Fragmented sodium (salt) should be kept to a minimum. Under 1000mgs per day and under 500mgs for maximum leanness and health. Use herbs, lemon juice, etc. wherever possible in place of salt.
  7. Oil is not recommended on this program. It should be kept to an absolute minimum as well. Learn to cook (& eat) without it and you will gain wonderful health benefits. If you go out to dinner where oil is generally unavoidable then ask for less oil.
  8. Food should be eaten whole and minimally processed wherever possible. Vegan junk foods, mock meats, tofu and other such foods are not recommended as regular staples but ok occasionally. Minimize these as much as possible for best results.
  9. Eat organic wherever possible, it tastes much better and is better for your health and the environment.
  10. Try to make one day per week a 100% raw day, I call it #Raw24 in the meal planner. This will help keep the focus on high raw, and will keep your system as clean and optimal as possible.
  11. Recommended sources of cooked carbs are: potatoes, root veggies, rice, gluten-free pastas, high carb ancient grains. These should be your main dinner staples, with other wholesome plant-foods as sides.
  12. No fruit after cooked food or fermentation and poor digestion will likely result. It can also cause a candida outbreak. If you’re still hungry after dinner (or craving sweets) you didn’t eat enough fruit during the day for your body’s needs. Eat more cooked dinner instead and then aim for more fruit the next day.
  13. Big green smoothies are great for getting the calories in for breakfast/lunch. Bananas are a wonderful fruit staple throughout the day. Other high calorie fruits like dates and mangoes make great staples too.   
  14. Eat unlimited calories at every meal, no restriction. The majority of your calories each day should come from fruit. Don’t under eat on fruit during the day or “save up” your calories for dinner time. RT4 is about abundance at every meal.
  15. Chickpeas, beans, lentils are not high carb choices so should be used as side dishes instead of main staples.
  16. Move your body daily. Find an activity you love and make it your playful exercise. Exercise is critical to overall health and well-being; it stimulates your metabolism and gets everything flowing well. Plus it’s great for our mood! Building up a regular sweat will promote optimal health results on this lifestyle.
  17. Make sure to get lots of rest, relaxation and good sleep. Learning to incorporate good rest, early nights, and regular sleeping patterns into your life will greatly improve your overall health.
  18. Be sure to get some sun. Full body sunbathing is recommended, for a minimum of 20 minutes every day. Get in your vitamin D and boost your sense of well-being.
  19. If necessary, supplement B-12 with either shots or sublinguals. Around 40% of the population (vegan or not) are B12 deficient, and this can greatly reduce our health results.
  20. Practice gratitude and peaceful emotions at meal time, and get a vision book started! Be sure to enjoy this journey. Focus on long-term health instead of short-term results. This is a lifestyle you can rock for the rest of your life, and if you focus on becoming healthy inside, in time you’ll then end up looking healthy and hot on the outside. You will come to a healthy weight naturally if you give your body a good foundation of healthy habits. Consistency and patience are key!
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