The Raw Till 4 Diet eBook
The Raw Till 4 Diet eBook
RAW TILL 4 DIET EBOOK - Freelee the Bananagirl
The Raw Till 4 Diet eBook

The Raw Till 4 Diet eBook

The Raw Till 4 diet eBook

Most Popular, The Famous RT4 Diet!

I have been writing this ebook my entire life. From the shameful moments I hung my head in the toilet to the times I wouldn’t eat for 8 days. It became normal for me to spend evenings alone bingeing on a loaf of bread and honey or a whole BBQ chicken. You will learn about my past of eating disorders, drug taking, and depression. By following the Raw till 4 Lifestyle I’ve finally found peace, balance, and purpose. I’ve overcome Irritable bowel syndrome, acne, hypothyroidism, depression and lost over 40lbs of excessive blubber. I used to jump from diet to diet and waste thousands of dollars following the terrible advice of so-called “health care professionals.” I survived the starvation Bikini plans, the Paleo diet, the Keto Diet, metabolic typing, water fasting, juice feasting… you name it, I’ve tried it. These diets only left me fatter and more depressed. Then I stumbled on the power of a raw food diet and fruit. Raw Till 4 combines a raw and cooked food approach to a vegan lifestyle. Over the years I woke to the realization that animals are not food and eating them is not only cruel but unnecessary and extremely unhealthy. As you will soon find out a plant-based diet is the healthiest diet for humans. This ebook gives you everything you need to succeed on this high carb vegan lifestyle: A 30-day meal planner, 4-week shopping list, exercise guide, over 55 color recipes, RT4 Diet Pyramid and so much more. It’s time to become the healthiest, happiest, kick-ass person you know! BOOM! Time to go fruit yourself. ;-)

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The Raw Till 4 Diet eBook

Thank you!

I’ve been watching you for years and have learned so much and has inspired me to eat healthier! This book has been wonderful and I love how in depth you go in the book. Also I absolutely love the smoothies and have had an easier time figuring out what to eat with this which has always been my downfall, figuring out what to eat everyday, Thank you!


Freelee’s writing style is enjoyable, which makes it all the easier and better to read through all of the valuable information and delicious recipes! The RT4 diet is an easily sustainable approach to achieve optimal health. Would recommend it to everyone! :)


Love all the recipes and excellent information!


You, my health, other people, animals and the environment are the reason I am vegan and I will be, forever. Since following Rawtill4 strategies I have had NO cravings and I have not binged! This is huge for me. Thank you freelee lots of love to you xo