Who is Freelee the Bananagirl?

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So Who is Freelee the Bananagirl?

Hey it’s Freelee here, and this is my story. I was raised on a farm in Queensland but like almost all Australians, we were clogged up, undercarbed, dehydrated meat and dairy eaters.

When I was sixteen I started working at McShit’s (yeh McDonald’s); and not just working there, but feasting there... a lot! I put on about 10kgs/22lbs, my skin became a hot mess of oily bumps and my health went down the toilet. But, it got even worse.

As you do when you are a naïve country girl; I began dating a drug dealer, and with all the free drugs available, hell no I didn’t hold back. I started snacking on ecstacy, speed and cocaine. I became anorexic and bulimic, and dropped nearly 20kg/44lbs in one year! Becoming a skinny bitch was my new full time obsession, regardless of whether I was healthy or not. Even though I was now a walking toothpick with anorexia, it was never skinny enough for me. This period of my life screwed up my health a lot, but one day the shit hit the fan and I finally reached a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Even though I was a personal trainer, I hardly looked the part and my lifestyle was just straight up unsustainable. I was calorie-restricting and over-exercising like a mofo; I was propped up on stimulants and drugs, and my diet was a train wreck. Eventually I “hit the wall” and crashed. I quit my relationship and became a depressed hermit bingeing on anything and everything and then purging. All the weight I had been fighting like crazy to keep off piled right back on again (plus some). I became a systemic candida feeder, and had acne all over my face, shoulders and chest. I felt gross. I had chronic digestive issues with foul explosive diarrhea. My energy was almost completely gone, I felt like a dehydrated sloth on Xanax. Many mornings I couldn’t even get my depressed ass out of bed, and would make up excuses to my clients, who I was supposed to be inspiring to health! I was in a hole and suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. I had reached an all time low, but yet there was still a small fire burning within and it wasn’t from poor food combining. I knew in my irritable gut that health needs a more holistic approach and that the body can heal, if I just get out of its way! I knew that if I provided my body with the right conditions, it’ll thrive, but like so many girls, I had no freakin’ clue where to start.

The big changes in my life and my health started in about 2006. First I had gotten myself off recreational drugs and alcohol, and then I took another step and gave up the brain-frying coffee. But I was still far from healthy. At the end of 2006 something else happened that would shift my consciousness forever. Although I came to veganism for health and skinny bitch reasons I was suddenly faced with the ethical side of it. One night a friend put on the movie “Earthlings.” Suddenly I was hit with a sledgehammer. Had I really had a part in the most gruesome cruel acts imaginable? Heck, it was time to make this right! In January 2007 I became a full fledged vegan, and I’ve never looked back. I had no idea what really happens in order to bring meat and dairy to our frugivorous bellies. After waking up to the evil reality, I began to see the ethical side of veganism, and now this is a big part of my life and why I am vegan.

Then another big piece of the puzzle: I started pounding back the fruit like no tomorrow. After so many years of being a full time bitch to my body I realized that I needed to give it time to heal itself, and that expecting immediate weight-loss results was madness. I actually gained over 20lbs but I started thinking long-term, focusing on getting fit as heck rather than on a superficial thigh gap. When that shift happened, everything started to click.

I learned how to do the High Carb Vegan lifestyle the right way: an abundance of fruit, no calorie-restriction mentality, a focus on health, not just on chaffing thighs and belly blubber. My fitness levels began to rise. My weight fluctuated for the first few years as my body said “Bitch you gotta pay back the dieting debt!” Yep I had to go through this healing phase after a lengthy past of calorie-restriction and abuse, but then the weight started coming off effortlessly. Since 2006, I’ve lost about 20 kilos (about 40lbs) without ANY calorie-restriction! Now do I have your attention? That’s right I said NO calorie restriction. I know you are excited so I promise more about this later in the book. I quit being a part time candida feeder and my skin cleared completely up. Fluffy fruity floaters graced the toilet after years of diarrhea and constipation. My energy went through the roof! And now I am fitter, leaner, sexier, and healthier than ever before!

I wanted to spread the good vibes and see happy, healthy fit bitches dominate this meaty planet so I started making youtube videos as a way to get my message out there: you can get fit and healthy and save the animals and the planet at the same time! My Youtube channel now has over 700,000 subscribers and 200 million views. I wake up everyday passionate about sharing my message!

So now you know Who Freelee the Bananagirl is.

Go fruit yourself