Laura's remarkable recovery from Gastroparesis from following Freelee's Go Fruit Yourself Diet

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Photo of me sick from gastroparesis (on a standard American diet)
Vomiting every day and every time I ate, getting cavities from vomiting, extreme pain and suffering, noticeable dark eye bags, poor complexion, cracked lips from dehydration. Very malnourished with low vitamin d, low b12, and low iron. Could barely get out of bed and was in need of IV often. Also required lots of pharmaceuticals to keep me alive.
Photo from the hospital. Low kidney function which caused the visible puffy eyes and poor immune system (hence the mask)
Few years on raw (inspired by watching Freelee videos) longer healthier hair, no eye bags or discoloration. No more vomiting! Completely cured of my stomach problems. High energy, hair not falling out, vitamins all at healthy normal levels, happy and not suffering
Currently (about 6 years on raw)
Long healthy hair, healthy skin, face slimmed out and no more bloating, no under eye bags or discoloration. High energy, hiking and biking often, extremely happy. Still maintaining healthy bloodwork. Doctors are amazed at my results, most people with my condition either die or spend most of their time in the hospital connected to tubes.
Thank you Freelee!
Laura Markey
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eBooks and bundle prices will increase 9/12/2022

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Prices of all eBooks and bundles to increase on the 9th of December 2022.

Due to increasing inflation in Australia we have decided to raise the price of all products with 7%.

Due to Inflation we pay more for food, fuel and services then last year and in order to be able to afford them in the quantities wee need in order to keep providing you with new eBooks and Free content on YouTube and Instagram we have decided to increase the price to march the current inflation rate in Australia. 

Some business use "Shrinkflation" in order to minimize the impact of inflation. Shrinkflation is when the amount of product is reduced but price maintained in order to make it look like the product has the same value as before. Food producers usually fill less in the same package and as customers are accustomed to a product they don't read the label every time. And thus makes an un-informed decision buy not realizing the reduced amount of carrots in the bag for example.
We believe Shrinkflation is deceptive and condemn it.

More info regarding the inflation rate in Australia

More info about inflation in general:

More info about shrinkflation in general:

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Natalie's inspirational realizations and the Go Fruit Yourself eBook

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Hey Freelee! 
I'm Nat, a 19 (almost 20) year old who can proudly say has been vegan for 5 years! All because of you. I remember watching one of your videos when I was around 14 years old and thinking "how is it possible that this woman is THRIVING on this plant diet?? we NEED animal products" because that's the way I was raised. But as a science geek and animal lover, I went and did my own research. I was BAFFLED by what I was supporting. Not only was I indirectly killing and torturing innocent animals, but I was also slowly killing myself. I went vegan that same week and have never looked back. I only now just purchased your ebook (Go fruit Yourself) and am LOVING IT. I've never felt more free. I've never felt more human. I feel like I'm truly in charge of my life now. Thank you. I'm considering becoming an advocate like you, but have no idea where to start. Any tips? 
Thank you, again, for your help and time,
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Lauren's words about the Go Fruit Yourself eBook lifestyle

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I hope I am not causing undue work for the person reading this, however, I do not have social media to attempt to contact Freelee and this was the only option on my table! I have been a raw vegan and then found the absolute bliss in a fruit diet. There is nothing anyone could sell me on--my experience on fruit tells all. It is my natural diet, I know this. It has not come without challenges, of course. There has been recent spirals into cooked vegan food and I remain grateful for the "falls" because it straightens how addicting food can be and how good fruit makes me feel. I will not and cannot touch animal products because I love them so much. I feel extremely connected to animals and all life and I know you do as well. I have followed you for 9 years on Youtube when I was 17 and I still see you with so much love! You have your way of spreading the message and it works. I've also seen how much you've grown spiritually since first viewing you as this has changed me. You not only have stuck with your message for so long, but you've also grown as a human SO much... Whatever you are doing works.
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Debbie and Skye's experiance with Freelee's advice

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"My daughter turned vegan at 13 because of you. She has been vegan 10 years myself 8 years because of the animals.

I’m frustrated how people spread lies about the vegan lifestyle. Please check out Earth Mama medicine recent video and spreading false information. Telling people to take liver pills.. thank you, Debbie "

just wanted to say a massive thankyou i am so grateful for everything you do, i have been trying to recover from a eating disorder for 7 years before i found your book- truly changed my life. I admire your honesty and thankyou for being a positive real role model in my life.
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