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Australians, stop cooking our country with your sausage sizzle!

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Bushfires have always been a part of Australian life. As a young girl living in QLD, I was often glued to the news watching wildfires rip through people's homes. Kangaroos darted across the screen, as cattle ran circles, and koalas clung to fire-fighters. “ugh why is Australia so dry, why does this keep happening??” I would ponder. I felt helpless. I donated the precious $2 I made from shovelling horse manure to relief efforts. This gave me some comfort. Next, came the floods. Animals, people's homes and land were now engulfed by an inland sea. It was like an outpouring of tears from Mother Nature. None of this made any sense to me. All I knew is that this was Australia. Fires and floods were normal. And soon I forgot all about the people's homes, the animals, and the destruction. I had to worry about myself after all and truth is, I was often happy it flooded because the school bus couldn’t get through and I got to stay home.

Fast forward to November 2019.

It’s been 30 years since that day I gave away my horse manure pennies to the fire relief. I now live in a wet tropical rainforest in Australia. It’s monsoon season here and pouring rain as I make this video. One day back in November I took a trip to visit my mum who lives in Northern NSW. Towards the end of my trip, the sun turned a deep red. The air became heavy with smog. Australia was burning, again, but this time more ferocious than ever. These fires are different, even more brutal, unrelenting, and hellish.  I felt sick. I saw horses running circles in a fenced paddock calling out in fear as a wall of fire bore down on them. Tears rolled down my face. I grew up with horses; they are amazing animals; they were my friends. The horse keeper also cried saying there was nothing she could do. It was heartbreaking. The horses burned to death.

A friend lost her house in the blaze but thankfully she and her family were fine. She was forced to live on the beach. For the first time in years I became obsessed with news updates. “Risk of mega-fire coming as 11 million hectares are burned”, “Smoke from Australian bushfires seen from space”, “death toll rises to 28 as fire destroys 500 homes”, “Over 1 billion animals killed in bushfires”…1 billion animals. Let's just take a moment for that to sink in. That is like the whole human population of china being burned to death. Do you have a pet? Well, that’s like the entire world's population of dogs being wiped out, including yours. Gone forever. Look, this is not ok. Obviously, any sane human is disturbed by these figures and wants to stop this occurring.

Amidst the carnage locals have been amazing rescuing animals, doing food drops, hydrating koalas, I feel proud to see this level of caring for non-human animals. But, then, I feel engulfed with frustration. I can’t help it. The hypocrisy is too strong. The fact is, these caring people will then go home to eat other animals. As a global population, every 2 days humans collectively eat 2 billion animals (double that of the fires) when let's be honest, they can just live on plant foods instead. It’s disturbing, to say the least. Bunnings, for instance, a hardware giant in Australia thought it was a good idea to put on a sausage sizzle in aid of the bushfires. A vegan rightfully called them out. Think about it. That's like me selling bullets to raise funds for the victims of school shootings. Ridiculous.

Australian meat-heavy diet is causing the bushfires

Look, Im not going to sugar coat this for you. I’m here to deliver an urgent message. If you eat animals, you are a big part of why my homeland, Australia, is on fire, and you don’t have to be. 

I’m sure you will agree, that most people, including yourself, are biophilic and don’t want to live in a dried up, lifeless wasteland, am I right? I know I don’t want to. So tell me then, why do you eat in a way that creates this hell on earth? When all you have to do is to buy the tofurkey at the grocery store instead of the turkey. Or nut milk instead of cow milk. Or plant-based burgers instead of meat-based? Or load up on rice, pasta, potatoes, bananas and beans. Some of the cheapest foods on the planet. Because as of now, 60% of Australia's entire land area is used to graze animals because you fear an imaginary protein deficiency. Or because you don’t like the taste of tofu or soy milk. Honestly, it’s pathetic.

The United Nations is telling us, we gotta change, meat consumption must decrease by as much as 90% in order for us to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change. Yes, we are heading for doomsday because you still want to eat like a barbarian. Look, I’m giving you a prior heads up. Veganism isn’t some fad diet. It’s a revolutionary act. Veganism is the future and quite frankly your lack of awareness and commitment is holding up important progress. It’s embarrassing that you are falling behind like this and there is a word for it: laggard. If you still eat animals and their secretions in 2020, you are a laggard. A slacker. Basically, a lazybones. And I too used to be an animal-loving-eating laggardian hypocrite. But I made the change 13 years ago this month and I haven’t looked back. 

Australia is on fire, and meat, dairy and eggs is the fuel. Every time you line up at coles or Woolworths and pay for meat, dairy and eggs you throw petrol on your backyard fires. Scientists confirm that Global warming is a major contributor of the Aussie bushfires. The carbon emissions from all the world’s planes, trucks, ships, and cars are equal to the emissions from animal agriculture. If you truly care about climate change, then you would change your diet immediately, as a very first step. It’s that simple. Your diet is not only killing individual non-human animals but also a major cause of climate change. Going vegan requires no governmental initiative, it doesn’t matter which politician you vote for; because you vote with your dollar. EASY. And each day, a person who eats a vegan diet saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent, and at least one animal’s life.

A vegan diet saves water

Take the Amazon, for instance, most fires in the Amazon have been lit to clear land for cattle. Last year the country raked in over 6 billion dollars in cow flesh export revenue, the highest in history. The burning will not end until your flesh-fetish ends. Australian fires have burned almost twice as much land as the 2019 Amazon fires, and guess what is going straight onto that land? Cattle. Not trees. Because they make the most money for the country. 

Livestock now covers 45% of the earth’s total land. Cows are literally eating the planet. 2019 was the hottest year in Australian history and the second hottest year in the world. Longer and hotter summers are yet to come. Australia is experiencing more extreme heat and longer fire seasons because of increasing greenhouse gas emissions. That will mean more extreme fire weather days - up to 300 per cent more by 2050 compared to the climate in the last decades of the last century.

A whole family can feed themselves year-round with a thriving food forest on the same amount of land that it takes to feed one cow. (2-5 acres) of land are used per cow.  Global warming is one of the greatest challenges facing the world and Australia is particularly vulnerable, having "exceptional sensitivity to climate change”.

In the past 20 years, 9 million hectares of land have been cleared in my homeland of Australia. 93% of the clearing was to establish pasture for livestock grazing. Most of the land cleared was primary forest. Over 90% of the Amazon rainforest that’s been cleared since 1970 is used for meat production, either for grazing or for growing food for cattle. 

So, please stop embarrassing the human species by continuing to eat animals instead of plants. Wake up and smell the carcass. You are burning Australia. If you would like to donate to the Australian fires then this is the most powerful thing you can do - GO VEGAN. 


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The Keto Diet Truth: What they don't tell you.

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What they don’t want you to know.

It seems like everywhere we look on YouTube these days, someone is trying the Keto Diet - from beauty bloggers to gamers. Plant-based keto is even on the rise. Keto interest online is at an all-time high. There are Doctors recommending the diet to patients and media dietitians like Abbey Sharp making keto-friendly baby meals. Promoters of the keto diet promise that the more bacon, cheese, eggs, and animal fat we eat, the slimmer we get. But how? Ketosis. That’s the ticket. 

After a morning of intermittent fasting, dieters cling to their bulletproof coffees as they plan out their low carb meals and food list for the day. Their keto-cheat sheet includes meals like low carb fried mac and cheese, keto pepperoni pizza, bacon breakfast bagels, keto buffalo chicken crust pizza. Rice, pasta, potatoes, fruit are a no-go. Carbohydrates are fattening. Butter is better. Dieters relish these calorie-rich dishes as the number on the scales drops. Before long, they experience the ‘keto flu’. Feeling tired is normal. Expect weekly bowel movements. There are many claims made by proponents of the keto diet but what does the science say? Is it healthy and safe to be in a state of ketosis? Can I do the keto diet for life? Today we will dive deep into what the keto diet is and whether it is healthy or effective for long term weight loss. Today I will share with you what the keto diet advocates don’t tell you.

So, what is the Keto Diet? What does keto even mean? 

The keto diet is a very low-carb diet that forces the body to use fat as fuel rather than carbohydrates. Unlike other low-carb diets, like the paleo diet, which focus on protein, a keto plan centres around fat, which supplies as much as 85% of daily calories. The diet includes liberal amounts of meats, including processed meats, sausages, eggs, cheeses, fish, nuts, butter, oils, seeds, and some fibrous vegetables. The average American gets over 50% of their daily calories from carbohydrates. The body breaks these incoming carbohydrates down into glucose molecules to use as fuel. Carbohydrate-rich food examples that dieters must eliminate or drastically restrict on a keto diet are fruits, sugar, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. Keto dieters must eat fewer than 20- 50 grams of carbohydrates per day to reach a state of ketosis. This takes around 3-4 days to achieve. During this time the individual may experience lethargy, irritability, dehydration, and challenging bowel movements. 

What is ketosis? 

To move forward with awareness, we must first understand the importance of glucose in our human bodies. Every one of the trillions of cells in our body is fuelled by simple sugar aka glucose which is a sugar molecule derived from carbohydrates. We can also derive glucose from protein and fat via an energy-inefficient multi-step process called Gluconeogenesis (the creation of new sugar). Your brain is particularly hungry for sugars and uses a whopping 25% of your circulating glucose. In a healthy state, glucose is the body and brains preferred fuel source. That’s why humans have such an intense ‘sweet tooth’. This is a natural trait amongst all frugivorous primates’ such as gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and bonobos.

When we stop eating all or most carbohydrates like fruit, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta then we force our bodies to use stored glucose in our liver and muscles (called glycogen) to replace the lack of carbohydrates we are eating. Yes, your body is so cool that it literally has a backup of instantly usable sugar to help keep you alive and healthy. And for every 1 gram of glucose stored in the body, we also store around 2.8 grams of water. Our body releases this healthy hydration once our body burns up its stored glucose reserves. Once all our glucose is used up, then our body also stops storing the associated water weight. This results in instant weight loss. Keto dieters celebrate this temporary ‘win’ as a sign of the diet working. After 3-4 days on the keto diet the lack of incoming carbs forces our body and brain to burn its non-preferred back up fuel source—fat. This is a crisis state that kicks in to save our life in case of starvation. Your body then creates emergency fuel via the liver breaking down fat which results in the production of ketone bodies. This leads to an influx of ketones in the blood which as we will discuss soon, is dangerous long term.  Proponents sell dieters the idea that if they stop eating carbohydrates, they will start burning body fat effortlessly and they will reach their desired weight. But, is it that easy?

Why do people lose weight initially on the Keto diet?

Keto dieters lose weight through calorie restriction, a lack of appetite due to illness and dehydration. It’s that simple. The average person’s body stores around 300 grams of glucose so with the addition of the associated water loss we will lose around 2.2 lbs of weight on the scales within a few days. Keep in mind this is glucose and water weight. Continued weight loss after this is a percentage of fat and protein and a large percentage of water loss. In a state of Ketosis, dieters lose their appetite because of the ketones in the blood causing nausea, fatigue and low appetite. The body is in a state of illness as high levels of ketones begin to poison the blood.  These ketones cause a strong diuretic effect on dieters kidneys causing them to release even more water weight or hydration. At this point, they are very dehydrated. 

During this time because of an obvious lack of overall calories, in particular, carbohydrates, dieter's will feel weak hence why keto dieters become addicted to stimulants like bulletproof coffee. Caffeine dependency is the first sign of a failing diet.  This lack of appetite associated with the ketones is eventually overridden by the brain’s survival instinct. To increase energy levels dieters reach for the caffeine and artificial sweetener but their brain cannot derive any glucose from these substances so before long they ‘binge-out’ out on carbohydrate-rich foods. This is not a sign of weakness or lack of discipline on the dieters behalf but the brain overriding the human ego and preventing death from starvation.  Dieter's then gain back the glucose, water and any fat loss but now have the addition of a ravenous ‘extreme hunger’ as Stephanie buttermore puts it from the forced calorie deficit. Dieter's then you go ‘all in’ and end up gaining even more fat as their body holds onto the fat in case of another future keto-famine. They then restrict again and the cycle continues, and for some, it never ends. 

Ketoacidosis on the Keto Diet may also result. Ketoacidosis may be more common in diabetics, however, a lack of glucose can force the body into ketogenesis causing metabolic acidosis. Ketogenic diets like low carbohydrate, high fat can induce ketoacidosis. Also, when it comes to keto and type 2 diabetes risk (due to increased risk of insulin resistance) the keto diet can lead to type 2 diabetes which, yes, can lead to ketoacidosis. Over 100 million Americans are diabetic and prediabetic. "Epidemiological studies indicate that “subjects with higher intakes of fat are more prone to develop disturbances in glucose metabolism, type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance, than subjects with lower intakes of fat.” Additionally, experimental studies clearly demonstrated that diets high in fat impaired insulin sensitivity, while diets low in fat but high in carbohydrates improved it."

“We report on a 51-year-old white woman who does not have diabetes but had ketoacidosis while consuming a “no-carbohydrate” diet. There was no family history of diabetes, and she was not currently taking any medications. While adhering to a regimen of carbohydrate restriction, she reached a stable weight of 59.1 kg, a decrease from 72.7 kg. After several months of stable weight, she was admitted to the hospital four times with vomiting but without abdominal pain. On each occasion, she reported no alcohol.” 

More dangers the promoters of the Keto Diet don’t tell you:

Your risk of all mortality and cardio vascular disease increase:
Science demonstrates that a high intake of red meat increases ones risk of all-cause and CVD mortality. The increased risks were consistently observed in participants with low, medium, and high fruit and veg consumption. So, the risk is still high if you eat a diet high in fruits and veggies in addition to a high intake of meat. So we cannot protect ourselves with fruit and veg consumption if we still eat high quantities of meat. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27557655

We are at an increased risk of parasites from eating raw or undercooked salmon, anisakid nematodes and also tape worm. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9501379

"Few human studies on the effects of a ketogenic diet on performance have yielded positive results, and most studies have yielded equivocal or null results, and a few negative results. " https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28599043

Short-term low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diets reduce exercise performance in activities that heavily depend on anaerobic energy systems. These findings have clear performance implications for athletes, especially for high-intensity, short duration activities and sports" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29619799

There have been several reports about renal calculi developing in children on the ketogenic diet since the first report more than 30 years ago. The prevalence of renal caculi in people on the ketogenic diet is up to 10%, compared with 1 in several thousand in the general population.  Chronic acidosis, dehydration, low urine pH, and fat malabsorption all contribute to the formation of uric acid and calcium oxalate stones. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2852806/

“Studies in the New England Journal of Medicine found that most of the weight one initially lost while following Atkins was water weight; and subjects who followed the diet typically gained back any lost weight in six months"

The metabolic adaptation to the KD involves a shift from use of carbohydrates to lipids as the primary energy source. As such, a patient with a disorder of fat metabolism might develop a devastating catabolic crisis (i.e., coma, death) in the setting of fasting or a KD. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5664869/

Some short-term effects:
Nausea/vomiting, Constipation ,Dehydration, Anorexia, Lethargy, Hypoglycemia, Acidosis.

After running through the adverse effects associated with ketosis, the American institute for Cancer Research wrote, “those are the short-term effects. The long-term effects are even more dire."  Additional diseases and problems brought on by this deadly diet, include: 

* Malnutrition (compromised vitamin and mineral intake). 
* Cancer, stroke, gout, osteoporosis, and diabetes. 
* Potential kidney, bone, liver, and cholesterol abnormalities. 
* Cardiac disease, arrhythmias, contractile function impairment. 
* Impairment of physical activity. 
* A rise in blood pressure with age. 
* Rapid falling blood pressure upon standing (orthostatic hypotension). 
* Sudden death 

Low carbohydrate, high-fat dietary programs are shown to result in weight loss due to appetite-suppressing high blood levels of hydroxybutyrate (a ketone satiety trigger). http://www.ccjm.org/pdffiles/Volek1102.pdf

Dieters bodily functions start to slow right down in order for the brain and body to conserve energy (as there is little to no carbohydrate coming in).

So, as you’ve just found out, not only is the keto diet unsafe and unhealthy but ineffective for long term weight loss. Weight loss is temporarily achieved through depletion and starvation and for that reason no human can healthfully stay in a state of ketosis, long term. Short term is even extremely difficult and as you have learned, unhealthy. Humans are naturally high carbohydrate creatures, not low carb. As stated, the frugivorous human brain requires a steady supply of glucose from the consumption of simple sugars to maintain bodily homeostasis.

I call the Keto Diet a low life diet because, well, carbs are LIFE. Without them you will become sick, and everytime you omit them you increase your risk of premature death.

Watch Freelee's video here.

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I moved from the City 3 years ago to the Off Grid Jungle (life update)

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If someone told me, say, 5 years ago, that in 2019 I would live off-grid in the jungle with a man from Sweden, I would’ve laughed out loud. I wouldn’t have believed it. But you know what? It happened. And 3 and a half years later we are living our dream. I will not sugarcoat this though, the off-grid lifestyle can be tough, and in the past, I’ve been close to quitting. Monsoonal rains, cyclone winds, the isolation, insects, living disagreements, unreliable internet. There are undeniable challenges.

So, you are probably thinking - then why the heck are you living like that?

Well, there are many reasons. I lived in the city for 20 years and I know most of you do too. City-life is pushed as the most desirable lifestyle and as a result more than half the world's population now lives in cities or towns. Sure, it’s fast-paced, exciting, stimulating and convenient for some things, however, it comes at a price.  This high-stress environment is also a place of immense spiritual burnout. The instant gratification lifestyle leaves us highly vulnerable and with an unhealthy dependency on an unstable system.

The expansion of Urbanization is also obliterating important ecosystems. It’s turning densely forested areas rich with wildlife into dry polluted concrete jungles. Not only do I value my health and want to eat the highest quality food but I see a problem spending the rest of my life dependent on others for my food. Over 4 billion people are reliant on an unsustainable environmentally destructive system that is heading for collapse. Cities are bursting at the seams. The food forest we are growing is an investment in our future, not only ours but also the human species, non-human animals and the planet. 

As individuals, we must start planning for the future.

You’ve probably never thought about this, but, what you would do if there was no food on the shelves or water in the taps? How would you flush your toilet? How would you shower? What would you do if your country was suddenly at war? History shows us that cities are the worst place to be if war breaks out. It's important to think about this at least once in your life. I’m not saying it will happen and I hope it doesn’t, however, it is possible. These are some real possibilities as the climate changes as we chop more and more forest down for animal agriculture and urbanization.  

Every year we plant more fruits and vegetables and every year we harvest more fruit and save more money. We become healthier as we live the most ecological animal-friendly lifestyle possible. Eventually, we would have paid back the initial cost of the land through the savings we make from eating from the land. Although most people don’t like to admit it, fruit is, and always will be, the healthiest, most nutritious food on the planet for humans. And, after destroying my health for years, my priority is to be my healthiest. 

Depending on the time of the year we now eat most our calories from our food forest. We are growing huge bunches of bananas, some weighing as much as a child. These organic homegrown bunches are natural; no fertilizers, no chemicals. A bunch like this can last us weeks and save up to $100, that’s including driving to the supermarket to purchase organic.  We have to pick them a little earlier to avoid fruit fly stings. We always leave some fruit on for the insects and animals to encourage a healthy ecosystem.

The human species originated in a warm tropical climate in the equatorial regions of the world. This is the environment where tropical fruits grow all year round. When the fruit isn't dropping we freeze fruits for times of scarcity. You may think, well I don’t live in a tropical place so I couldn’t do this. That isn’t true. As stated, the tropics suits your frugivore genetics best, however, you can still create your own little food forest paradise on as little as 1/2 acre of land in a colder climate. You can then store and preserve fruits for times of lack. Obviously some countries are harder than others but there are regions throughout America where this can be done.

You may think, well lucky you for having this abundance. No. Luck has nothing to do with it. Hard work, consistent focus, and education do. There are many reasons I prioritized living in the tropics. Growing my own food was a major one but also because I educated myself and discovered we are frugivores.

It’s so important humans eat an abundance of fruit every day and I will cover this more on my new channel: the frugivore. 

So, yeh, we are frugivores, which means we are members of a family of animals physiologically designed to get most of our calories from fruit. There are many important vitamins and minerals contained within fruits, many we don’t know about, some we do. One of utmost importance is vitamin C which is crucial for normal physiological function in our human body’s.

Like other frugivorous primates, humans cannot synthesize vitamin C so it is crucial we get plenty of vitamin C from our food. And, unsurprisingly, the best and highest source of vitamin C for humans is fruit. Science now recognises the importance of increasing vitamin C intake. Recent research has shown that based on the literature the RDA for vitamin C should be more than doubled to 200 mg a day. That means a lot of westerners, for instance, are Vitamin C deficient or on the borderline. This deficiency can be lead to serious health problems. 

Vitamin C deficiency is connected with anaemia, infections, bleeding gums, scurvy, poor wound healing, capillary haemorrhage, atherosclerotic plaques and neurotic disturbances. If you have a concern about collagen production and slowing down ageing then optimal vitamin C is crucial. Some of you might be like: "well, I have a healthy high carb whole food cooked vegan diet: with rice, pasta, oats, almond milk, tahini, seitan, tofu and cooked veggies. I have my one banana a day and a small salad." Well, the grains don’t contain any Vitamin C, nor do tofu, seitan, tahini and depending on how you cook your veggies you could lose up to 100% of Vitamin C. Why? Because Vitamin C is a heat-sensitive vitamin, meaning it is often destroyed during cooking. So again this points towards the importance of eating raw fruits and vegetables for optimal vitamin C intake. Most westerners get very little raw foods and particularly fruits in their diets. We often see reduced bioavailability of in stress, alcohol intake, smoking, fever, viral illnesses, usage of antibiotics, painkillers, exposure to petroleum products or carbon monoxide, heavy metals toxicity and so on. 

Watch the rest of the video here.

Check out Freelee's weight loss bundle here.

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Alyse Parker did not do a 30 day Carnivore challenge - Freelee exposes the truth

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Alyse Parker just uploaded a video “I tried the Carnivore Diet for 30 days (ex-vegan)”. So, today we are going to talk about this dangerous and unlawful video posted by Alyse parker.  For those of you who don’t know this plant-based poser's history, and association with veganism, then check out my two previous videos on Alyse. In them I expose her tendency to lie compulsively. Here is Part 1 and Part 2. Here is the video I am referring to in this blog post. 


Okay, let's get into this carnviore video. The video is not only deficient in science (and fibre), but also actual content. It starts with this repetitive mainstream commercial beat that is designed to stick in your head, to help information retention. Within the first 5 seconds I could tell it was filmed by a professional camera crew. Alyse slaps down this huge slab of factory farmed animal flesh, and because she is a frugivore, not a carvnivore, she starts off by salting the meat intensely to disguise the taste of decomposing flesh. She then whacks it on the bbq as every natural carnivore does. We then see the beginning of her fraudulent behaviour as she starts to eat a different cut of meat from what was cooked on the BBQ. She puts one piece of flesh in her mouth, and that is it. This is the LAST time we see her cook or even begin to eat any meat. That’s because she didn’t do the challenge and I'll get to that later.

Firstly though, I want to point out the fact that Alyse is just a paid actress in a commercial brought to you by this unethical company: Butcherbox. A company whose CEO has made 30 million dollars in just two years furthering animal exploitation in the world. A company that has an abysmal reputation and alarming reviews on yelp which we will get to later. In one year they also paid out over 1 million dollars in commissions to affiliates like Alyse. 

But what is of must relevance here is that the company and Alyse are breaking FTC influencer advertising laws and potentially consumer rights laws within this video. And if she doesn’t take it down then her and butcherbox risk being sued by not only the Federal Trading Commission but also individuals or groups who have taken on the challenge. That’s right. The FTC is going after US influencers in a big way. These laws are in place to protect consumers from people like Alyse and companies like Butcherbox who use deceptive misleading marketing techniques to promote dangerous products and services to the public for money. Butcherbox already pulled up for deceptive advertising and a dishonest subscription service (class action details) and now, it seems, they are at it again. 

Recently the FTC released updated guidelines outlining rules around paid sponsorships and as we know Alyse doesn’t research anything therefore she is not complying with those rules. The FTC is very clear about what is required of influencers and the importance of not misleading or withholding information from viewers. It is not enough to state that you are being sponsored for the video by just slipping it into the description box, you need to state within the first 30 seconds that the video is sponsored by the company and ideally state that you are receiving money from the company. The goal here is that the viewer must be fully aware they are viewing an AD. 

About half-way through the video Alyse finally begins to advertise the company but in a deceptive way. She doesn’t disclose being paid by them but rather says, “so I teamed up with butcherbox” as if disclosing the fact that she was paid for this video. No. “Teaming up” is not disclosing to your audience that you are being paid to make this video and promote this product to them and it is breaking the FTC rules. So, if she doesn’t remove the video then she is going to have big problems which brings us to the next point which ties in with the potential litigation issues she faces.

Alyse makes a number of unverified claims throughout the video like “It (the carnivore diet) has been shown to help relieve the symptoms of from many illnesses such as auto immunity, fatigue, obesity, inflammatory diseases, and more”. This is a bald-faced lie, and she cites no reputable sources to support the claim. She shows infographics without citing any scientific references. There's no scientific research to support that an all-meat diet would benefit your health in any way at all but there is a plethora of research confirming a high intake of meat increases one’s risk for a range of diseases and premature death. So, under the payment of ButcherBox. Alyse is promoting a challenge that is dangerous and can potentially kill a consumer.

For example, lets take consumer, Jane for instance. Jane has a pre-existing heart condition, she watches Alyse’s video and decides to take on this ‘carnivore’ challenge. Jane buys and eats the amount of meat necessary to sustain herself on this challenge (from butcherbox) say at least 2100 calories a day for a woman for 30 days which would make it around 60.000 calories or more from meat. Alyse said she consumed 80% from butcherbox during the time so say that would be around 50.000 calories from animal flesh from the company. Which is an extremely dangerous amount of saturated animal fat and protein for a start. Half-way through the challenge Jane has a heart attack and dies (which is highly possible) then Jane’s family can quite reasonably sue Alyse, and the company, for omitting important warnings about the dangers of an all meat diet and making false claims. These fallacious unverified statements may increase potential sales of the product. Not only the family, but the FTC, or the attorney general.

Alyse awkwardly compares this challenge to not washing her hair for a month or going off social media for 30 days. No Alyse it is not the same. You are quite literally endangering peoples lives and furthering animal exploitation and encouraging the rapid depletion of the planets resources with your recommendations. This is NOT the same as going poo-free.

Some risks Alyse omitted in her video for example, from the cancer council: Science has confirmed the consumption of 700 grams or more (raw weight) of red meat a week increases your risk of bowel cancer. That the risk of developing bowel cancer goes up 1.18 times for every 50 grams of processed meat eaten per day. Alyse is promoting bacon and other cured meat in the video, a class one carcinogen.

The World Health Organization has classified processed meats including ham, bacon, salami and frankfurts as a Group 1 carcinogen (known to cause cancer). Eating processed meat increases your risk of bowel and stomach cancer. Red meat, such as beef, lamb and pork, has been classified as a Group 2A carcinogen which means it probably causes cancer.

The legal issue here is that these unverified statements are not only false, and potentially damaging to the public, but they increase potential sales of the product in a deceptive way. This in turn increases profits for the company.

Here is a break down of Alyse’s unlawful behaviour:

  • She didn’t disclose that she was being paid for the video within the actual video (first 30 seconds) which by law she has to.
  • She didn’t tick the ‘paid promotion’ box on youtube.
  • She acted in a deceptive way by claiming to be giving viewers a special ‘gift’ from her to entice them to buy the product when it was just a discount from the company which she actually receives as a kick back from every purchase of these torture box. Here is her affiliate marketing page.
  • Butcherbox states in their affiliate marketing TOS, “Disclosures should be made in the same medium as the claim (e.g., video, text)”. Alyse did not disclose in the video that she was being paid. Only in the description.
  • She omitted important information in the video warning the viewer or consumer of the potential dangers of undertaking a diet like this.
  • She misled viewers by claiming false benefits of a health product/ service that is not backed by scientific evidence
  • As for the Youtube TOS goes she is also promoting a phoney cure.

SO, Alyse films a ‘day 1’ where she supposably gives away all her high fibre foods. She even looks sad as she gives away fruit. She then says she is setting clear guidelines and proceeds to buy meats cured in plants. The beef and bison cured meats have dried cherries, cranberries, plants, plants, carbs. The wild smoked salmon from ducktrap is prepared with cane sugar, more plants, more carbs. So, yeh, she claimed the challenge she was doing had zero carbs but again she is lying. 

Alyse then explains why she will be including some ‘comforts’ into this challenge. Hang on, this is meant to be a carnivore challenge she said at the start.  There you have it. Before the challenge even starts Alyse fails and has plant stimulants (macha and coffee) and we know why right? Because no carbs = no energy = addicted to caffeine. 

She then suddenly jumps from day 1 to day 10 where she starts talking to the camera with a heavy filter on. Day 10, Hang on, not one bit of footage from the whole ten days? We didn’t see this carnivore eat one piece of meat. Therefore, the first supposed 5 days she was also eating dairy, and if Alyse cared to research she would have discovered that dairy contains lactose which is a sugar, which is a carbohydrate. So she was eating carbs all along if she actually even did 5 days.

Alyse then leads into her introduction of butcherbox by pretending to care about animals and the environment by speaking about the horrors of factory farming. This ironically is coming from a girl supposedly eating animals for 30 days straight.  ALYSE, please stop pretending to give a fuck about animals, your covers been blown, we know you don't. 

So, this Butcherbox company is highly suspect. They claim to source ‘grass-fed grass-finished’ beef and make ambiguous claims like 'high quality, humanely raised, no antibiotics or hormones ever' but when you look on their website they provide no evidence of this. Their beef does not have any certification from anyone, not even certified organic, nothing. And what raises my suspicions even more about their grass-finished claims is that they declare the beef they source is from Australia. Where I live. For one, this is a way to avoid any scrutiny by the USDA about their grass fed claims. Although the USDA largely doesn’t even verify grass fed claims and instead lets farms “self-certify” their own beef. Which of course is ridiculous as it is unregulated. And the government no longer has an official definition of the term 'grass-fed,' or ‘grass finished’ which means it’s a free for all and anyone can call their cattle grass fed and grass finished and don’t have to provide any evidence of this at all. 

And If it is true that the Butcherbox meat is from Australia then the air miles are another contradiction to their ‘sustainable’ local claims. Butchberbox continues to make vague claims on the site like “Besides being delicious, the health benefits of eating grass-fed, grass-finished meat are abundant.” And then of course they list no health benefits anywhere. Because there aren't any.

So im calling bullshit on the grass-finished claims. I believe it’s factory farmed just like over 99% of food animals in the USA... But, even if it was true, these poor exploited animals still end up in the house of slaughter at a fraction of their life span so uneducated puppets like Alyse can line their pockets with blood-money.

We then suddenly jump to day 23! This girl appears to have no conscience, she doesn’t give two shits about lying to her long term viewers if it means she makes the cash. She boasts about having abs due to starving herself through intermittent fasting. Not impressive Alyse. It's just water loss which you will gain back. I have abs and have done for over a decade. I’m averaging 2500 calories a day from a high carb vegan diet, no starvation, no coffee comforts, no animal exploitation.

Then, from day 23 we are swiftly on day 30. Look, this is a scam. She didn’t show one piece of meat the entire time and now the challenge is supposedly over.  Alyse says she lost around 2lbs in the 30 days. Actually the scales say 1.5 lbs. I'm immediately drawn to her toe nails right now as her nail polish looks very similar to day 1, same colour, scuffed, just looks a little too similar to me.

Alyse then shows this strange before and after comparison where she looks exactly the same, but she stood further away in the after, what to appear smaller? This is one of the strangest before and afters I’ve seen. My bet is she didn’t want to display side by side because it will show that she looks exactly the same because this wasn’t filmed over 30 days it was filmed more like over 2 days and possibly 5 at the most. Think about it, do you think Alyse is going to look EXACTLY the same after 30 days eating ONLY steaks, bacon, eggs, salmon and cured meats? Of course not. 

She then goes onto lie about the benefits and claims to having better focus without supposedly any carbs when the brain requires 25% of the body’s glucose for fuel. More fuel than the rest of the body. She then talks to this Mikhaila Peterson of The Lion Diet who pushes this rebranded version of the carnivore diet. She forgets to mention that Mikhaila's mum is apparently dying of kidney disease connected with this dreadful carnivore diet.

 Alyse then says this at the end “as always I will keep you updated on my diet after this challenge is over”… hang on a second but the challenge is already over, isn’t it Alyse?? If we back up a few moments she said the challenge was already over. Busted Alyse. 

So, it’s pretty obvious she just filmed this on the same day with the camera crew.  She didn’t do this challenge; no footage of her cooking, eating or anything, virtually no weight change, looks exactly the same, suspicious nail polish, kitchen looks the same. Nope. BUSTED.

Watch my video here for the full run down.

If you want to make a complaint about deceptive advertising then I recommend doing it here: https://www.truthinadvertising.org/alert-us/

Since I released my video it has been featured in interviews with mainstream online media outlets. You can read some here from news.com.au and the NZ Herald and Yahoo News.

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