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Some among many Raw Till 4 Diet Testimonials

“I am so blessed to have found Freelee. Without her Free and available advice I would still be obese. Last January I weighed 210lbs. Now I weigh 145lbs and I am not afraid or obsessed with calories anymore and so I can not support a meat eating diet because most of my life none of them have worked and in one year Raw Till 4 diet worked for and I’m so happy and proud to be vegan.”

Kya Sinclair

“I feel the same way! I struggled with eating disorders too now I don't worry how many calories I eat. As long as I got my fruit and smoothies, I’m good! No more binges on junk food. I’m so happy. I’ve lost 13 pounds and my skin is clearing up! I’m so happy I found Freelee <3”

Tara Robinson

“Thank you Banana Girl. You saved my life. Your video popped up among other crappy weight loss calorie restriction videos I was looking for. I’ve been struggling with my weight for about 5 years now and I’m so thankful I found you. Now I’m vegan and can as much fruit and veggies as I want and I lose weight without any effort. I finally got energy to do sports and my back and neck and knee pains stopped. It’s so amazing! Thanks for motivation that changed my life forever.”

Dasha Gudym

“I started Raw Till 4 the middle of July and I have lost 20 pounds without even trying, but that is just an awesome side effect. It’s not like I ran miles a day or did 2 hour weight training session (I used to be 145lbs). The funniest part is a couple of years ago I tried crazy diets and did insane workouts with almost no results. My husband used to be a hunter and HUGE meat eater but since we have had a serious debate he jumped on board and let me tell you folks… It is EASY and it WORKS!!!!! (and it is really fun). It is a lifestyle change and there is absolutely no way that I could ever se our lives going back to the sick sick way we were eating. Carb Up!!!!!”

May Lay

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