Freelee exposes Vital Farms Eggs Lies

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  • Wow, you did a great job, lots of work. Thank you :-)

    Jojo on
  • This is off topic, but I thank you in advance for your time. Hello, my name is Nick Wallace, my wife and I were inspired to go vegan by you nearly five years ago and our son has been vegan since before he was born. We have also been looking into the off grid lifestyle with things such as tiny houses on wheels. However in since going vegan the U.S. (home country) has begun to increasingly seem like a place that we don’t want to live out the rest of our lives in. So we are now looking to take another page out of your book, and buy off grid property in the rainforest somewhere to start our own fruit farm. I am having a difficult time finding leads on property itself as well as all of the ins and outs of this adventure, any advice you could give would be extremely helpful? Thanks for everything.

    Nick Wallace on

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