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Freelee reacts to meaty Osteopath Mikhail Varshavski aka Dr Mike. Dr Mike clearly follows a low-life low-carb diet because he is trying hard to hold onto his fading 6-pack. He binges out weekly due to his love of intermittent fasting/starvation and ongoing carb depletion. As an Osteopath Dr Mike gets about 17 hrs of nutrition education in his whole 4 year degree which is absolutely shocking. As Freelee points out in this video Dr Mike is clueless when it comes to optimal human nutrition.

Dr Mike lives in New York City and has access to over 80 vegan restaurants but still eats like a barbarian. Dr Mike is obsessed with protein, protein, protein... the macro we should be least concerned with, along with baffled media dietitian Abbey Sharp and clueless vlogger, Unnatural Vegan. Let's just say they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Freelee goes through a day of eating from Dr Mike and she is definitely disappointed at how not-woke he is.

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