Freelee Reviews What I Eat As A Model // Romee Strijd

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Freelee Reviews What I Eat As A Model // Romee Strijd

In today's video Romee Strijd shows us what she will eat in a day at home. Here is Romee's Model Diet video: Freelee the Banana Girl video analyses some of Romee's typical diet meals that she eats for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Freelee shows Romee's macros and overall calorie intake.

In 2019 Romee Strijd is a Victoria Secret Supermodel who we are all taught to be jealous of in this culture because she fits our cultures definition of “beautiful” but I can’t lie she is an impressive specimen. So Romee was scouted by a modelling agency when she was 13 and now she is 24, yes I’m old enough to be her mum. lol. So she is very tall at 5’11 and weighs around 117lbs or 53kg. About the same weight as me but I’m only 5’5.5. Romee just hit over 1 million subs on her youtube and approaching 6 million followers on her instagram.

Romee's What I Eat As A Model Diet 2019:

8:30 am Breakfast around 400 calories.

11:00 am Snack around 180 calories.

1pm Lunch around 530 calories.

4pm Snack under 100 calories.

8:30pm Dinner around 400 calories.

Total around 1700 calories.

Ok onto the rest of Romee's supermodel breakfast. She adds peanut butter. Peanut butter is a really high source of fat and yes Freelee knows it’s yummy but she also has a thorough understanding of human physiology. Humans are high carb creatures so it’s better to start your day with high carb foods rather than adding high fat if you want high energy levels and a lean body long term. This is part of the reason Romee then reaches for stimulants like coffee and matcha tea throughout the day. By the way where is the coffee or tea?

Freelee agrees that eating breakfast is super important and that’s why it should be the biggest meal of the day. Freelee generally eats 800-1000 calories for break fast and Romee is getting around 400 calories. Freelee recommends a bare minimum of 600 for her.

SNACK (around 180 calories): Freelee points out Romee's claims are simply not true; that combining fruit and high fat foods helps prevent spikes to your blood sugar levels. When you do these sorts of combos often enough you will overwork and exhaust your pancreas. Fruit is a whole food that includes blood sugar regulating fibre so the sugar actually enters the bloodstream at a healthy rate so you get a natural rise and fall. On the contrary when you combine a higher fat food like nuts with a low fat food like strawberries you just make it difficult for insulin to transport the glucose/sugar from the blood stream and into the cell. This intern can cause elevated blood sugar levels. This is not hard to test just use a glucosemeter, obviously if her theory was correct then i would have full blown diabetes after getting most of my calories from massive fruit meals over the past 12 years. but I don’t because it’s simply not true. If you want to see me prove this by using a glucose meter then tell me in the comments and I will plan to do it. We are talking about a Fat metabolism problem here not sugar metabolism.

On the blood sugar front that Freelee forget to mention in the video: Fruit is naturally low on glycemic load and glycemic index because it is a whole food which contains a large proportion of water and fibre so it does NOT  spike blood sugar levels. Of course fruit RAISES blood sugar levels (which is the whole point!) as you have glucose/fructose entering your blood stream and subsequently fuelling you (good!). Romee Strijd is simply not eating enough fruit in a meal/snack to maintain optimal blood sugar levels so her blood sugar drops quickly when she just eats fruit. And as a result she reaches for sub-optimal foods and fattier animal products later on instead of just eating more fruit in that meal/snack. 

LUNCH: The reason Romee has a hard time giving up animal products is due to not eating enough carbohydrates which is the brain and bodies number one fuel source so then we are more likely to reach for calorically-dense cruel and fattening animal products to fill that void. Also she hasn’t educated herself on the ethics behind why she shouldn’t eat animals and their secretions so there is no moral ties there.

Her lunch was about 530 calories.

Snack: There is very little calories in that veggie snack, around 70. She would have been far better off with at least a few pieces of fruit or a big ass smoothie. Freelee is not sure what kind of tea she shows either. 

Dinner: oh Damn is there no one left on youtube not sponsored by hello fresh? yes Freelee actually. Freelee is not convinced that Romee has been dying to try it out their service more like they gave her a very sweet deal to promote them. 

What a shame there is a bunch of solidied bovine secretion here aka cows milk via the cheese and yoghurt. Again Romee doesn’t seem like the type to support such cruelty, imagine she saw the baby cows being ripped away from their mothers after birth so she can have her cheese. Freelee is sure she would give it up immediately. Freelee is sure Romee likes these pre-measured packs so she can track her calories easily. 

Ok so Romee's dinner is about 400 calories and high in fat but Freelee is definitely happy to see some rice and vegetable in there. Freelee is also happy to see that she didn’t eat animals throughout the day although she did have eggs and dairy which has been called liquid meat as it’s just as unhealthy and cruel. Romee please educate yourself on the origin of your food.

Lets say Romee did eat all of the food she presented in this video, the fact is we don’t know if she did or not but lets just say she did. She would get a bit under 1700 calories for the day. This is far too little calories for Romee's body. Sure it’s enough for an active 8 year old child but Romee’s basal metabolic rate (which means the amount of calories she is burning if she just stayed in bed all day) is around 1500 calories. She is active so needs at least 2200-2400 calories or more a day so at the moment she is risking nutrient deficiencies and training her body to store fat rather than burn it and setting herself up for continued problem with stimulants.

The following are estimates based on what she has shown in her What I Eat In A Day As A Model. Roughly she is getting around 43% fat, 45% carbs and 12% protein for the day. She is also getting around 3150 grams of potassium. So she is getting far too little carbohydrates and far too much fat for optimal energy levels, long term weight maintenance and overall health. Freelee recommend she increases to over 65% (RDI) or much more of daily calories from carbohydrates and then the other macros will naturally fall into a healthy amount.

On the potassium front: The RDI for potassium is 4700 mgs per day so she is falling far short by around 1550 grams. Potassium has interestingly been called the anti-aging mineral and as Freleee stated earlier obviously assists with weight loss by helping the body regulate the potassium sodium balance another reason why Freelee is lean effortlessly. Freelee would love to coach Romee on the Raw Till 4 Diet or at the very least see her adopting a high carb cooked vegan plant-based lifestyle. You get to eat more volume for less calories, it’s basically every models dream.

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