Laura's remarkable recovery from Gastroparesis from following Freelee's Go Fruit Yourself Diet

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Photo of me sick from gastroparesis (on a standard American diet)
Vomiting every day and every time I ate, getting cavities from vomiting, extreme pain and suffering, noticeable dark eye bags, poor complexion, cracked lips from dehydration. Very malnourished with low vitamin d, low b12, and low iron. Could barely get out of bed and was in need of IV often. Also required lots of pharmaceuticals to keep me alive.
Photo from the hospital. Low kidney function which caused the visible puffy eyes and poor immune system (hence the mask)
Few years on raw (inspired by watching Freelee videos) longer healthier hair, no eye bags or discoloration. No more vomiting! Completely cured of my stomach problems. High energy, hair not falling out, vitamins all at healthy normal levels, happy and not suffering
Currently (about 6 years on raw)
Long healthy hair, healthy skin, face slimmed out and no more bloating, no under eye bags or discoloration. High energy, hiking and biking often, extremely happy. Still maintaining healthy bloodwork. Doctors are amazed at my results, most people with my condition either die or spend most of their time in the hospital connected to tubes.
Thank you Freelee!
Laura Markey

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