The Raw till 4 diet. Who is Freelee the Bananagirl?

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12 years ago i renamed myself freelee during a waterfast because freedom is what i hold most sacred in life. Since then i've been shedding the layers that hold me back. I freed myself from the 9-5 slave drive and moved to the jungle. I spend most of my day nude; free of restrictive clothing. I feast mostly on organic fruits and vegetables picked from the land. I shower in monsoonal rains and drink from pristine creeks. I quit an unhealthy relationship and found peace. I haven't shaved my bodyhair, dyed my hair, or worn makeup in over 6 months... I even freed myself of capitalisation. I'm feeling freer than ever in life. This is not random good luck! You too can create this freedom, and i'm here to inspire you.

I show you how to free yourself in my ebooks My Naked Lunchbox, Go fruit yourself and Raw till 4 diet. Take a read and change your life forever. 

Stay free.
Freelee the bananagirl

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  • I have followed your whole online life by some universal coincidence, and You have not only found it, but are living the full lifestyle. You are the best of the best.

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