my naked lunchbox by freelee. You are not a something to look at, you are a someone to look into.

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The female body is not a sex object. Nude or not. You are not an item to be used, bought or sold. You aren't here on earth to embody a fuckbois fantasy. Or as a plaything to make anyone's dick hard. As women, we must keep reminding ourselves of this as we are taught to objectify our body. And to strive to be 'fuckable'. We have been trained to view ourselves through the male gaze. And to critique and sculpt ourselves accordingly rather than embrace our natural human selves. You are not a lifeless sex toy or a pleasure tool. You are a living, loving, breathing being. Your body is a place of worship and respect not a playground for immature men. You are not a something to look at, you are a someone to look into.

I talk about this in my new ebook "My Naked Lunchbox" , it's the most controversial cookbook ever written. 

Stay free.

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