Go Fruit Yourself eBook
Go Fruit Yourself eBook

Go Fruit Yourself eBook

Go Fruit Yourself eBook

My 100% Raw Food Lean Girl Guide

Hi there, it's Freelee the Banana Girl here. I wrote this book in 2011. This is the second edition released in 2020 with 32 new raw recipes. It contains my personal blog entries from November 2006 when I started my raw food journey. As you will learn, I made plenty of mistakes before I worked out the correct way to do a raw food diet. I will go over those mistakes in detail and offer more appropriate conclusions and information on how to succeed on a High Carb Raw Vegan Lifestyle. I'm not going to recommend any supplements or quick-fix gimmicks in thisbook - just honest, real advice that you can implement straight away.

Customer Reviews

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Rachael Elyssdae
Very helpful

Definitely life changing!!!

Kocsicska Tamas

Go Fruit Yourself eBook

Samantha Hartnack
On my way to recovery :)

I’m battling anorexia and this is helping me so so much, I can’t explain how grateful I am for Freelee, her books and this lifestyle x

Glen Pennykid
Go Fruit Yourself E-book

I really appreciate Freelee's willingness to go back over her old posts, from her more experienced and current perspective, and share her feedback with us readers. I love that her updated message was consistent throughout the 'critique.' One last thing: I am a huge fan of keeping things simple and I really value the way the sample meals/recipes are kept that way. Freelee, I may not be a 'banana girl' (I'm male and have Type 1 diabetes), but I am so glad I found you and your information!

Cassia Love Bali
LOVE IT! Keep spreading the No-restricting message!!

This world suffers so much because of the diet culture's lies of weight loss through restriction and the animal product pushers. Thank you for staying strong even though so many people vilify your message, Freelee. It is the truth and the gateway to freedom.