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Very insightful and helpful book!

Very well written and to the point! I have been struggling being consistent on a raw lifestyle and this book really helped me understand why. Im confident I have the tools to turn things around and form new habits.

Llénate De Frutas eBook
Vai se encher de frutas

Não li, ainda...

Awesome Book!

I love this book. The recipes are yummy, and the advice is heart warming and educative. I learned a lot, and Im enjoying this way of eating. I dont think I will ever go back. My husband thinks Im crazy for getting all these bananas, and people at the store just stare 😳🤣 its great, its really great. I LOVE BANANAS, and I dont care what people think. This is awesome! That's it, it's official I've become a banana girl🤭.

Easy to read

Easy to read and the meals are quite easy to make. The rawto4 way of life is quite easy to follow and works well for energy and weight loss.

The Raw Till 4 Diet
Darcy Erwin
Great book

Good information. Freelee is very real and down to earth.

Go Fruit Yourself eBook

Go Fruit Yourself eBook
Andrea Stolper
Absolutely with every penny (euro)!!!

I got so much more then I thought I would with this book! So informative, helpful and inspiring!!!

I love all these books

I love all these books and are very into that lifestyle. I’m a vegan for over 10 years now and definitely longing to go further with my health. This is the perfect way for me, thank you Freelee!! All the best from Switzerland!!

Amazing Set!!!!

In true Banana Girl form, these books are filled with information and research. Love all the pictures as well. Been following raw till 4 for a couple months now and the following has already happened: my constant hunger has subsided and I can actually make it meal to meal without wanting to even snack and my stomach upsets went away after the first month. I'm sleeping better and have energy ALL day long with no caffeine anymore!!!! A surprise is my skin has become incredibly soft and the best chronic pain has gone AWAY!!!!! I had several car accidents in my youth (none my fault) and yet they left me with constant lower back pain. In the past year I also began experiencing joint pain in both of my arms. Both my back and joint pain have disappeared after only 2 months on this diet. I wasn't expecting that at all but it's amazing!!!!! I just wanted to be a bit healthier and lose a little weight but all the extra perks are awesome!!!! I will be making updates as I do drop the weight but I definitely recommend Freelee and her books 100%.

The Raw Till 4 Diet
Addison Nagel
Raw Till 4

Wonderful tips for starting a plant-based diet with ease. I absolutely love how Freelee shares her personal experiences to help so many women like myself with weight and body image issues that can be completely reversed with this lifestyle.

Information packed lovely ebooks!

Loved the new perspective these books have given me. Freelee has changed my life for the better

I love the booke.

Great bundle

I love freelee’s bundle! Great recipes and very motivational. It’s nice to read about her journey and having her explain the mistakes she made along the way. It’s very helpful, also to see that she wasn’t born a perfect raw vegan. Thanks freelee for all you do. ❤️

Ultimate Weight Loss eBook Bundle

Life changing

Taught me not to count calories, just eat fruit! Do it!

The Raw Till 4 Diet
SKYE Claussen
Wonderful resource to transition to a fully raw lifestyle

Amazing recipes, loved every page, thankyou Freelee!!!

Happy with this purchase

thank you

Really thorough and inspiring

I have been vegan for nearly as long as Freelee has and my diet has always been pretty darn healthy but lately I feel like I could be doing better so I decided to FINALLY pick up Freelee's ebook after all these years! I have to say I really, really enjoyed learning about Freelee's history and background. I had no idea the struggle's she's had. I understand now why she is so passionate about getting the word out. She has it all figured out and just wants people to stop struggling! Raw till 4 is super easy to do. Very doable even for busy people on a budget. Easiest "diet" ever I'd say and no anxiety over wondering if I'm doing it right. I've only been doing it for a week now but it's so simple and eating this way will honestly simplify my life so much. No more lunch meal prep! Thanks Freelee!

My Naked Lunchbox eBook
Jessica Brewer

First off, the pizza recipe is SO good (I don't use the oil and it turns out amazinggg).

This is a great transition book. One of the things I enjoy the most is the "be unapologetically you in every way" aspect.

Seriously worth the buy, don't be scared and check this out!

Ultimate Weight Loss eBook Bundle

Best book ever

If you want to find happiness as woman, invest those money on yourself and read it carefully. Thank you Freelee for keeping your journey to bring true information to all women all around the world!

Go Fruit Yourself eBook

Best investment ever

If you seriously want to end the struggle with food and start loving yourself (and the animals!) start your Raw Vegan journey with this book. Thank you Freelee for sharing your information for the merely purpose of helping others.

Easiest raw meal plan ever

I was surprised when I saw the meal plan, I thought I was going to need hundreds of ingredients and a dehydrator like other raw books. This book really simplifies the raw food lifestyle while being delicious and sustainable.

I like how cheap and simple it is.
Good to have recipies and guidance.