Private Consultation with Freelee

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Duration 7 Days

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Are you stuck in the binge-gain-starve cycle? Tired of having a bloated painful belly? Sick of bingeing in secret?

Are you needing to lose weight?

Are you desperate to heal from chronic illness like UTI's? interstitial cystitis? IBS? hypothyroidism? 

No illness or situation is off-limits. For a limited time you can now have me by your side every day to hold you accountable. 

Do you have questions you've been dying to ask me? Well, now is your chance! 

For a limited time I am offering private 1:1 consulting on Instagram.

This is not just some generic email coaching program, this is exclusive daily access to me with daily audio replies. It is a very rare opportunity to receive advice from a fruit-based expert specialising in binge eating disorder, belly bloating, gut health and permanent weight loss. 

Spots are limited. Instructions will be given immediately on purchase.  

7, 14 and 28 days available.

Please select the right duration for you.

What's included: 

I will reply privately to you with audio messages on Instagram for every day of the consultation. The length of the reply will be decided by me based on the question/topic. More specifics below:

  •           I will reply to you privately answering a maximum of 2 questions per day. Please note: These questions must be contained within a maximum one Instagram TEXT message per day or (1000 characters long) and cannot be numerous messages. 
  •        I will reply to you privately with a consultation on that days food diary. Please note: The food diary can consist of images or text. If you do not want to do a food diary then a topic of your choice can be replaced here. 
  •       Exclusive access to over 40 of Freelee's private videos.

Note: Topics of discussion are up to you. Diet and healing chronic illness for example.

    The consultation period does not automatically start after purchase. You choose when you want to start. The consultation runs consecutivly for the full period after we begin. To initiate the beginning of the consultation period please follow the instructions in the document provided after purchase. 

    The consultation is non-refundable. No partial refund or return.

    Customer Reviews

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    Very informative!

    I loved my 7 days on this program it taught me a lot on how to nurture my body and exactly what foods to reach for. I’m so thankful for the tools given to me and I can’t wait to keep implementing them in my life. Such an awesome coach 💕

    Justin Alvarez
    Freelee's 7 Day Consult

    I thoroughly enjoyed my 7 day consultation with Freelee and I thought she was incredibly reasonable with her recommendations. I was never hungry, I was always satisfied, and I lost 4 pounds eating more! No calorie restriction, no suffering. I can't recommend this enough, if you're on the fence about doing this-just do it. You'll be happy you did and I'm happy I did too.