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All variants include the Mega Weight Loss eBook Bundle and the selected duration of consultation eg. 7 days, 14 days or 30 days.
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Are you a female who finds herself trapped in an endless cycle of binging and starving? Feeling the constant discomfort of a bloated belly? Needing to lose a lot of weight? Desperate to heal from chronic illness? Now is your chance to make Freelee a part of your daily life and be held accountable. For a limited time, Freelee is offering one-on-one consulting via Instagram.

Get expert help to overcome obesity and binge eating via private consultations with Freelee, a fruit-based nutritionist. Elevate your health and well-being with the daily attention of a world-class coach. Benefit from decades of research and experience to help you develop a plan that works. A revolutionary plan that doesn't include the traditional calorie-restriction model. Freelee uses her unique "binge on carbs" program.

These consultations offer a unique opportunity to gain specialized access to Freelee, with tailored audio responses daily. As a specialist in assisting women over 200lbs, she can provide guidance on topics such as binge eating disorder, bloating, gut health, and permanent fat loss.

Spots are limited. 

Durations include 7, 14 and 30 days.

Please select the right duration for you.

What's included in consultation: 

Freelee will provide private audio messages to each participant on Instagram for every day of the consultation. The duration of the reply will be determined by the complexity of the question or topic. Further details are outlined below.          

  • Freelee will give private, personalized audio and text responses to a maximum of 2 inquiries per day. Each question must be contained within one Instagram TEXT message (1000 characters max) and not spread across multiple messages.

  •  Freelee will privately give detailed feedback on your daily food diary, which may be either sent in the form of images or text.
  • You will also gain exclusive access to over 40 of Freelee's private videos.

    By engaging with these messages, you will gain insight into how to optimize your digestive health, implement dietary strategies for permanent weight loss, and develop techniques to eliminate compulsive eating. Please refer to the pricing guide image for more details. 

Please be aware that the consultation period does not automatically start when the purchase is made. Once you have decided when to commence the consultation, Freelee will check her diary to ensure availability. The consultation will run consecutively for the full duration once it has begun. To initiate the consultation period, please refer to the document supplied after purchasing.


The consultation is non-refundable. No partial refund or return.
Ebooks, no paper copies included.

Customer Reviews

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Freelee changed my LIFE!

At the beginning of this journey, I was a sluggish, tired, 25-year-old 364 pound man with chronic pain and a high heart rate. After just TWO weeks of coaching with Freelee, I have lost 10 pounds, I have more energy than EVER, my knee pain is completely gone, my heart rate has come down drastically (thus decreasing my chance of a heart attack), my bowel movements are healthy, and I have an overall new-found love and appreciation for life (and fruit!). Without this coaching session, I would’ve never changed. Now, I’m changed forever. If you’re thinking about purchasing a coaching session with Freelee, DO IT! You won’t regret it!