Customised Binge-Busting Vegan Meal Plan by Freelee

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Experience the power of a personalised fruit-based Raw till 4 or Raw Vegan meal plan crafted by Freelee, the banana girl, a renowned coach and expert in fruit-based nutrition. With more than two decades in the art of designing meal plans, take advantage of her vast knowledge and experience.

  • Please visit this page MEAL PLANS BY FREELEE for a more detailed description of what is included in these personalised meal plans. 

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Are you unsure of what to eat and how much? I got you covered!

This "binge-buster" meal plan is personalised to your physiology and caloric needs. No two plans are the same. You will receive a comprehensive analysis of macro and calorie intake for each meal and day. Accompanying each meal is a picture of the dish. Investing in this meal plan can save you enormous healthcare costs and sustain you for years to come.

But that’s too expensive for a meal plan?!!

Is it really? The truth is, no amount of money can equal the sensation of being light, healthy, and happy for life. Feeling your absolute best, free from binging, in shape, and rocking a bikini come summertime -- these are all priceless experiences. Who can put a price tag on feeling your most attractive self next to your partner? I’m sure you will agree these feelings are invaluable. 

This is not a generic, automated soulless meal plan (that doesn't work!) like many nutritionists and dieticians provide. The “ binge buster” meal plan is personally crafted by me, and selected from the best binge-busting recipes after 17 years as a fruit-based vegan. Each meal plan is tailor-made to your body and needs, based on your unique physiology, allergies, food preferences, favorite fruits, eating out habits, binge eating behaviours, and more. You won't find a more healthy and satisfying meal plan.

Please note: 

You can choose from 7 days, 14 days and 30 day meal plans. Once your purchase is processed you will receive a comprehensive sign up form with questions concerning your health background and individual taste. Please return these forms all filled out as soon as possible. Please be patient, I will need at least a few days to design the meal plan and send it to you. It is a time-consuming exercise.

If you are want the ultimate experience then I recommend you upgrade to individual coaching sessions with myself. I will crosscheck my diary for availabilities. 

Let's go! I'm excited to assist you!

Please note: Meal plans are non-refundable.

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Meal plan

The 7 day meal plan I got was very good and I’m so excited to start! Freelee really consider what you like and do the meal plan so it would fit you as much as possible and she answer on email so fast!