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Stephanie buttermore just put out a “What Freelee eat in a Day” video so Freelee The Banana Girl is here to review it. Here is Stephanie's video: If you haven’t seen Freelee’s prior videos on Stephanie Buttermore’s ALL IN approach, the things Freelee like about it but why it won’t work long term then watch the videos in the cards featured on the screen. Don’t forget if you want to lose weight and be healthy long term, yep, no more yo yoi’ng then check out the Raw Till 4 Diet, the ebook includes a 30 day meal planner, over 55 full color recipes, shopping lists, exercise plan, food pyramid, and more. Freelee has lost and maintained 40lb weight loss eating a high fruit and Raw Till 4 lifestyle. Link to her weight loss bundle is here:

Alright onto the video. Ugh whey protein powder, with the plethora of research against dairy Freelee can’t believe this stuff is still a thing. Let’s take a look at the protein powder Stephanie Buttermore is affiliated with. As we know Stephanie is a cancer research scientist who is passionate about helping women SURVIVE so she should be very clued up on what she is eating and recommending to hundreds of thousands of young women right? Freelee thinks making sure her recommendations are nontoxic to her audience is of course vital.

The brand Pescience uses clever marketing by including the word ‘science’ in their brand name; trying to associate themselves with an area synonymous with authority and credibility in a consumers eyes. When hey, it’s just a fitness supplement brand. Marketing 101. One thing important to note here is protein powder is the world’s most widely consumed supplement. It is number one in a billion dollar industry so the marketing budget is HUGE. This stuff is everywhere and you better believe it they are actively funding bogus studies.

The truth is you do NOT need 2000lb bovine secretion protein in your human body. It is a cheap cruel waste product of the dairy industry. The dairy industry basically found a way to offload their slops to uneducated humans for premium price. Let’s look closer at it. 1 scoop has 45mg cholesterol? There is no need to ingest cholesterol from a bovines mammary glands when the human body makes its own cholesterol safely. You are just adding toxic load to your bloodstream.

250mg of sodium in one scoop is actually a lot of unnecessary sodium which is of zero health benefit and is just going to contribute to the edema and fluid retention that Stephanie Buttermore has been experiencing. Remember when it comes to weight loss, the excess sodium affects overall potassium balance for the day. Aim to reach the RDI of potassium (4700mg) and you will likely see your weight loss accelerate as the increased potassium helps the body eliminate excess sodium. Just add 5 bananas to your diet and it will change your life.

So next we see whey and casein, which are proteins derived from cow’s milk. This is a huge red flag especially seeing Stephanie is a cancer researcher. Casein has been identified as a cancer-causing carcinogen. Dr Colin Campbell established a solid link between animal protein and cancer.

We next find artificial sweetener Acesulfame potassium which is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Freelee is surprised Stephanie is ingesting this rubbish. Not only may it contain a known carcinogen but this stuff can really disrupt metabolic processes and interfere with appetite regulation, body weight and blood sugar control. Obviously not good if you are trying to heal your extreme hunger. When you ingest these sweeteners your body and brain awaits glucose or fructose (which is energy) to hit the bloodstream, but it gets none. And then you wonder why you are ravenous later on or in coming days. just have the sugar!

Methylmercury in tuna and microplastics ingested en mass by the sealife then heated and eaten by you. The long term disease causing implications are serious. it’s toxic food, simply not safe for consumption. Low in carbs, low in life.

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