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Gabi Demartino's VS Model Keto Diet Debunked By Freelee The Banana Girl

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Gabi Demartini posted a low carb VS model diet and claimed to lose 20lbs on it. Freelee responds and debunks the Keto Diet and Low Carb Diets like the Paleo Diet. Here is her video "I tried the VS Model Diet for a month and this is what happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvEPjoP2ZCo



So today’s video is on Gabi Demartini. For those of you who dont know Gabi is a social media influencer and singer. She is 24 which makes her two months older than Romee and 15 years younger than Freelee The Banana girl. Gabi has over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel “Fancy Vlogs By Gab” and over 9 million on her shared channel with her sister Niki. On instagram she has over 4 million followers. She is estimated to be “worth” 1.5 million USD and currently lives in LA (or just moved). After standing next to her Freelee would say she is about 5ft or less and weighs around 48kg.

As many of you know Gabi went plant-based from Freelee Banana Girl's influence a number of years back but didn’t learn to eat enough carbohydrates or calories in general or about the ethics of veganism so she went back to eating animal bits and pieces. In 2016 Freelee hung out with Gabi and they got on great, Freelee liked her sassy personality. She was one ‘influencer’ who would always comment on Freelee's videos and chat on twitter. She was never ‘too good’ and that stood out to Freelee. 

So what we know about Gabi is that she claims to have hashimotos disease. A quick break down on the common understanding of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hashimotos is an auto immune disorder named after a Japanese surgeon who discovered the condition in 1912. So the mainstream belief around hashimotos thyroiditis is that an individuals immune system is attacking their own thyroid gland. Freelee originally accepted this explanation but later found it to be counterintuitive when considering the body’s evolutionary wisdom and self-preservation; to be attacking itself just didn’t add up. Freelee is now more inclined to believe it is the body trying to heal the thyroid gland that has been largely compromised through incorrect diet and lifestyle choices and possible genetic factors. A simplex explanation is that pathogens, heavy metals and other toxins can be ‘held up’ within the thyroid gland so the body is constantly trying to eradicate these pathogens and heal the damaged organ. 

Hashimoto’s often results in hypothyroidism (which is basically an under active thyroid). Freelee personally had hypothyroidism before she went vegan and at one stage was even taking thyroid accelerating medication. This was diet and lifestyle related but she was also predisposed to this condition because her mum had a serious immune system issue which resulted in eczema which she now keeps under control on a high carb vegan lifestyle. By the way go check out Freelee’s mum and dads channel where they show their high carb vegan lifestyle as 70 year olds. Here is a link to their channel: https://bit.ly/2Vyb6i6

So here is the reason The Keto Diet appears to ‘work’ for Gabi. When she started drastically restricting her carbohydrate intake Cutting out the fruit, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta then her body was forced to use up it’s stored glucose in her liver and muscles (which is called glycogen) to replace the lack of carbohydrates she was eating. The body is so cool that it literally has a back up of instantly usable sugar to help keep you alive and actually healthy. And for every 1 gram of glucose stored around 3 grams of healthy hydration water are also stored in the body. This healthy hydration was then released once Gabi’s body used up her glucose reserves. When all Gabi’s glucose is used up then her body also stops storing the associated water weight. So the average persons body stores around 300 grams of glucose so with the addition of that water Gab lost around 2.2 lbs of weight on the scales within a few days. Keep in mind this is glucose and water weight.

During this time due to an obvious lack of calories and in particular carbohydrates, Gabi would have felt weak and very hungry hence why she developed a strong caffeine dependency which is absolutely counterproductive for her Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

The next stage of the keto diet is Gabi’s body starts burning it’s non-preferred back up fuel source - fat which then leads to an influx of ketones in the blood. And you might be like wow so this is awesome! I can just stop eating carbs and start burning all this fat on my body and I’ll be a skinny minny! NO. It’s definitely not that simple... These ketones also cause a strong diuretic effect on Gabi’s kidneys causing them to release more water weight or hydration.

So at this point Gabi’s body has fallen into a metabolic state of Ketosis. Basically a state of sickness. Might sound dramatic but it’s true. Gabi’s bodily functions that start to slow right down in order for the brain and body to conserve energy (as there is little to no carbohydrate coming in). In a state of Ketosis Gabi starts to lose her appetite because ketones in the blood cause nausea, fatigue and low appetite because she is quite simply, sick. But this lack of appetite will always be overridden by the brains survival instinct. Now Gabi starts reaching for the caffeine and the sweeteners for energy but the brain cannot derive any glucose from these substances so before long she begins ‘binging’ out on the sweet stuff.

Freelee wants Gabi to educate herself so she can be a positive role model to her impressionable audience.

Freelee's previous video with hashimotos high carb testimonials:

Freelee's previous videos on Gabi are: Niki and Gabi Diet advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-PHe3MFOuI

Live stream comment Gabi left on Freelee's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIZiC3nuGjs

Meeting Niki and Gabi for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDjtQCxofyw

Gabi eating KFC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9QnTHxf9Ps

Gabi Demartino talks about her colitis and veganism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDvtPwNQFgQ

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NEW RELEASE! Go Fruit Yourself 2nd Edition by Freelee

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Go Fruit Yourself 2nd Edition by Freelee

go fruit yourself ebook by freelee the banana girl

We are happy to announce that a second edition of The Go Fruit Yourself eBook by Freelee is now available to the public.

  • New eBook Design and Layout
  • 32 New High Carb Raw Food Recipes
  • New Unique images from Freelee's Raw Food journey
  • General content revision


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Remi Ashten's 'healthy' recipes to GAIN WEIGHT. (she's still clueless!) Freelee responds.

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Freelee reacts to "Healthy Recipes To Lose Weight! Zero-Calorie Ramen, Healthy Twix + More!! by REMI ASHTEN". Remi is STILL clueless when it comes to lifelong weight loss and optimal nutrition. And still gives no f___s for animals. She is a poor example for her young audience and Freelee is sick of it. Please let me know in the comment section bellow what you think of her diet. /Freelee the Banana Girl
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Dietitian's Drama: Abbey Sharp attacks me on Instagram. I'm obsessed!

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Freelee reacts to Dietitian Abbey Sharp blasting her on Instagram. Dietitian Abbey Sharp claims Freelee is a stalker and obsessed with Abbey, however, ironically Abbey was first to make videos about Freelee The Banana Girl and constantly mentions her in videos. Yeh, pretty hypocritical! The truth is, Abbey is just trying to distract people from her shady unethical behaviour which Freelee is calling her out for.

Great comment: "The most hilariously ironic part about her calling you a stalker is that SHE called you out by name in the Miles video ("More vegans like Miles, less like Freelee!"), because she knows if she hates on you people will agree with whatever she says. She can't seem to go through a video about veganism without mentioning you by name. Who's the real stalker here?"

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FullyRawKristina and her supplements exposed. The rise of a snake oil saleswoman.

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Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram from the YouTube channel "FullyRawKristina" and website Fullyraw is the new face of the snake oil saleswoman. Today she will be exposed for her dangerous and inaccurate advice.

Kristina is someone I (Freelee) have known for over 12 years. Before FullyRawKristina had a presence on the internet she would upload her videos to my then popular raw food website "30 bananas a day". She was fully-desperate to become famous and would constantly ask me to share her videos. Kristina wanted to become (in her words to another) the "beyoncé of the raw food movement". I sensed early on that she was incredibly fake but gave her the benefit of the doubt, she was promoting a high carb raw vegan diet after all, which I saw as beneficial.

In 2014 FullyRawKristina completely lost any of my remaining support after threatening to bring legal action against another latin raw food advocate "Rawvana". Yovana Mendoza or "Rawvana" was later caught eating fish in a viral YouTube video (which I responded to) and subsequently went to a high protein meat-filled diet. At the time Kristina sent a letter to Yovana Mendoza threatening legal action over a salad recipe which was similar to a recipe Kristina had created earlier. Apparently the recipe was 'too similar' and Yovana had to remove the recipe and 'stop copying' Kristina's brand immediately or else legal action would follow. I was fully disgusted in Kristina. Before this happened Kristina would always whine about Yovana stealing her brand. I even told her in person at the WoodStock Fruit Festival that she should be flattered someone is inspired by her work. Kristina shot me back a "how dare you" look and proceeded to complain about how bad Yovana was. It was pathetic. Needless to say we avoided eachother the rest of the festival. The following year Kristina sent the letter. Yovana ended up sending me that email which I will attach in this blog and will also be showing in a video.


Fast forward to 2020 and FullyRawKristina is just as fake but... worse. She is now pushing dangerous overpriced supplements on her young impressionable audience. What happened to the power of fruits and veggies Kristina?? I (Freelee) have made two videos exposing her Four Sigmatic Mushrooms scam and her dangerous COVID-19 supplement routine. Not only are these supplements FULLY COOKED (umm...?) but many are potentially toxic to her viewers. Not once did she give a disclaimer about the risks involved in taking these supplements. For one, the coated silver nano particle 20,000 PPM drops from Cymbiotika should NEVER be ingested. As stated in my video, not only should it not be ingested but ingesting a lot (how much we don't know?) of this silver supplement can turn your skin a grey-blue colour, permanently. Interestingly, the Cymbiotika silver supplement is also sold by David Wolfe, who, surprise surprise, is also the cousin of the CEO of Cymbiotika, Chevrin Jafarieh. These snake-oil salesman all stick together. I made a video exposing David Wolfe and his crew back in 2013. These supps have no FDA approval, just believe them, it works! You have a silver-deficiency and you must spend over $100 USD for 5 mls (teaspoon) to cure it.

FullyRawKristina fails to mention in her video: "What supplements I'm currently taking | Health Protocol | Vegan (not sponsored)" that coated silver nano particles behave like antibiotics in the body and particularly the gut. Yes, they can kill bad bacteria but also kill good bacteria which can destroy portions of our delicate protective microbiome family. How ironic, this is what the site and Kristina claims the product does, protects us. Rubbish. What a fully raw sell out. I made a video about the importance of a healthy gut microbiome here.

A damaged microbiota can lead to a host of health problems including inflammatory diseases. Even though these supplements are pushed as "protective" (Kristina claimed they will protect you in the video) these silver supplements can also cause cell death. They are toxic to your DNA. There is no long term study to confirm the efficacy or safety of these products. Kristina does not warn about any potential risks at all in her video. Nor does she mention the risk of these supplements interacting with peoples medication. It's clear Kristina is fearful of losing sales so is not fully transparent with her audience. Which brings me to the next point. Kristina claims she is not being sponsored for the video, however, fails to disclose that she is earning commission off every sale. This is breaking the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines. If one is earning money via affiliate links then they must disclose this verbally in the video, in the description of the video and on the website. She does none of this. 

We must call these fake exploitive people out. Their recommendations are dangerous. No, Kristina, we do not need your $700 fully cooked supplements.

Soon I will be making a video revealing how FullyRawKristina is not "fully raw" at all but actually semi-cooked or maybe more appropriately, half-baked. Stay tuned and leave a comment below.

To learn how to do a low fat raw vegan lifestyle properly without spending $200 a day on nuts and supplements then grab my first ebook I made "Go Fruit Yourself". Follow my YouTube channel "The Frugivore" for more real talk that won't cost you a penny.

Go fruit yourself,

Freelee The Banana Girl

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