Mara's story, journey and success with Freelee's advice :)

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"Hi Freelee, just wanted to say thanks for all you're doing. I've just
celebrated my 10th vegan-versary :) A few years in I started feeling
very low energy and didn't know what to do as I didn't want to give
up on veganism. One night I was having some intense cravings and
ended up eating like five bananas. I then freaked out and started
googling if it was ok to eat that many in one sitting lol; your videos
came up. It was truly life-changing! I stopped being afraid of
calories and fruit, and little by little all of the conventional bullcrap
stereotypes about food got erased from my brain as I started
learning more about legit nutrition from you and other sources. I
can't thank you enough for consistently putting out your message
message out there. No more low energy for me, no more cravings,
no more PMS, no more weight yo-yoing, no more calorie counting,
no more doubting if veganism is the right way! And you are always
the perfect antidote to the occasional attacks I get from the nonvegans
mocking the way I eat - so thanks for the indirect moral
support also!"



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