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The Most Popular, The RT4 Diet!

I have been writing this ebook my entire life. I suffered from disordered eating for most of my young life. It became normal for me to spend evenings alone bingeing on a loaf of bread and honey or a whole BBQ chicken. It was a daily struggle. Thankfully by following the Raw till 4 Lifestyle I’ve finally found peace, health, balance, and purpose. I’ve overcome Irritable bowel syndrome, acne, hypothyroidism, and lost over 40lbs of excessive blubber. I used to jump from diet to diet and waste thousands of dollars following the terrible advice of so-called “health care professionals.” I survived the Bikini plans, the Paleo diet, the Keto Diet, metabolic typing, water fasting, juice feasting… you name it, I’ve tried it. These diets only left me fatter and more unhappy. Then I stumbled on the power of a raw food diet and fruit.

The Raw Till 4 diet combines a raw and cooked food approach to a vegan lifestyle.

Over the years I woke to the realization that animals are not food and eating them is not only cruel but unnecessary and extremely unhealthy. As you will soon find out a plant-based diet is the healthiest diet for humans. This ebook gives you everything you need to succeed on this high carb vegan lifestyle: A 30-day meal planner, 4-week shopping list, exercise guide, over 55 color recipes, RT4 Diet Pyramid and so much more. It’s time to become the healthiest, happiest, kick-ass person you know! Time to go fruit yourself. ;-)

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 What's included in The Raw Till 4 Diet by Freelee:

    30 Day RT4 Meal Plan & Food Diary
    30 Day Shopping list
    Weight Loss Exercise guide
    55 Recipes with Pictures
    More Then 150 Color Pictures
    Raw Till 4 Lifestyle Guidelines
    My story and chapters about issues I overcame

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  • The ebook contains 217 pages and is in the PDF format.
    ISBN: 1976960312
    The latest edition.

  • No paper copy included.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Love it!

    Been following Freelee for ages both on YouTube and Instagram and just love her content and message SO much! The RAw Till 4 eBook met and exceeded my expectations by far. ❤️ thank you Freelee for sharing such valuable knowledge. I’ve been eating this way for 8+ years now but wanted a couple of new Raw Till 4 recipes. Delicious recipes and superior information 👍🙏🙌👏

    Tiffany Naples
    Love it!!!

    10 pounds in 10 days. My body is responding so well to this lifestyle

    Veens Deebs
    Feeling Great!!!

    I bought this ebook because my gut was inflamed, bloated and sore. Started the meal plans a week ago and I am feeling great already! I am amazed. I have lost 2kg, my gut is no longer inflamed, bloated or sore and I don't feel hungry all the time. I am keen to continue with this lifestyle.


    Great info. I appreciate all of the hard to find information that is assembled in this book. Thanks.

    Jayme Schrader

    This lifestyle is life changing ❤️ so thankful for this way of life. Eating low fat is game changing!! Thank you freelee im forever in debt to you