Shipping policy

A download link for your eBook/s or eBook bundle will appear on the screen after your purchase. A download link will also be sent to the email address you entered upon your purchase.

If you have issues with downloading the eBook/s or bundle then contact us through the contact form:

You, the customer are responsible to keep an eye on shipping updates so that you will be able to contact the shippment company if needed for delivery or other demand. If your shipment is damaged you have to contact the shipping company and demand compensation, we will not pay compensation for shipping damaged etc.
You have the responsibiblty to contact the shipping company if your shippment is lost or damaged.

You, the customer are responsible to pay for third party fees, customs fees and import taxes that third parties might charge during shippment. We are not responsible to pay them or to deal with third party agents that want to charge these. You need to know your own countries law and be diligent.