What is Go Fruit Yourself?

Go Fruit Yourself is my first and most memorable eBook. GFY outlines the rocky road I took back in 2006 when I started a raw food diet (and veganism). Throughout the eBook I share and critique my personal blog entries from this time when I was clearly clueless on how to eat, and live. What a mess! As you will learn, I made plenty of mistakes before I nailed the right way to do a raw food diet and lose those 40 lbs of excess blubber. These personal reflections and corrections are vital to your success with long-term weight loss and health. This eBook also features raw food recipes, a 14 day meal planner, vision-booking, a food-combining chart, and much more. I will not recommend any supplements or quick-fix gimmicks in this book, just honest, real world advice that you can implement into your life straight away. Come on this journey with me today and implement my advice, and you too will gain (and maintain) a slim, fit, healthy body for life.

Go fruit yourself,
Freelee the Banana Girl.
go fruit yourself by freelee 
  • My 100% raw food weight loss guide
  • 14 day raw meal planner
  • Raw food nutrition information
  • For glowing skin, hair, eyes
  • 100% raw food recipes
  • 108 pages 

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