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We regretfully advise you that The Frugivore Diet (formely 30 bananas a day) will be shutting down in 24 hours. I (Freelee, the creator of the site) have paid over $1200 a year to keep the site up since 2009. Unfortunately, I simply cannot continue to pay this and as a result the site must be discontinued. It's definitely sad for me but with the rise in social media sites like Instagram it's impossible to compete.

With over 30,000 members and thousands of amazing conversations and photos this information is too valuable to trash forever. We have downloaded the entire site and will upload an archived version in future that you can peruse. 

If you want to continue following me (freelee) on social media I will put links to where I'm active. 


Food Forest Channel (first video over 400,000 views)

The Frugivore Diet

Main Banana Girl Channel


Thank you for being a part of this iconic site that has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world!!

Wishing you lots of love and fruit in your future,

Love Freelee 

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