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Lately, i go days without looking in the mirror even once, and i find it incredibly freeing. This was definitely not always the case. As a young woman, i became obsessed with my reflection. I would spend hours a day analysing and comparing. Was it because i was vain? Because i thought i was too perfect for this world? On the contrary, i saw a face filled with 'imperfections'. I believed the story i was told by advertisements, that i was born inadequate and in desperate need of enhancement.

I saw normal human characteristics as defects to be erased or covered; to be ashamed of. I hated my skin, especially my freckles. My smile was too narrow and my teeth too crooked. My top lip too skinny. Eyes not big enough. My hair too fine. The reality is, i didn't see the real me in the mirror. I didn't see the cheeky girl who loved to explore nature for hours and play in the dirt and creeks, instead, i saw the ugly lies the beauty industry fed me. I've now been many months without makeup, fake lashes, creams, treatments etc and it feels so damn liberating. Remember, you were not born flawed, you were born into a flawed system. You were designed to be wild and free, to get dirty, to love and laugh, to explore and experience this beautiful planet - not to stress over your humanness. 
Don't buy the lie$

All in my new ebook My Naked Lunchbox. Take a read and change your life forever. 

Stay free.

Freelee the bananagirl

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  • I hated my freckles growing up too.🤦‍♀️
    When I was a child my babysitter told me that lemon juice would make my freckles go away. Spoiler alert it didn’t work lol ironically enough in my early adulthood I LOVED lemons, I would eat 6 at a time, I ate them like oranges, which I love too, well I love all fruit lol but anyways, the only way I liked to drink water was with a whole lemon. My teeth weren’t always happy. Luckily back in 2013/2014 I was able to lesson addiction lol. Thank God i started loving water WITHOUT lemon lol. I love limes too. Especially when I pregnant I crave fruit fruit fruit LIKE CRAZY, and me and my kids already love fruit and always have it around. But its been extreme thruout my 5 pregnancies lol I could by out a farmers market lol

    Anna S on

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